Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Astrology of the Day - Moon in Leo - Thursday 7th December 2017

The Moon is in exuberant Leo all day and we need to be seen and praised for anything we do. Even if you are the more modest type you may be caught up needing a little love from someone else. This is a proud enthusiastic Moon and generous with our emotions. Public displays of affection will be par for the course today – why not show someone that you appreciate them?

The feeling of love is especially strong in the morning as this attention seeking Moon makes a fire trine to Venus, the planet of love and relationships. Here is warm, strong emotions and passion, and we will want the world to see how happy we are. No matter if you are in a relationship or not, there is beautiful positivity here, a creative licence to make any situation better. It's time to smile and spread the love.

As the morning drifts on, the Moon makes an inconjunct to Neptune and a square aspect to Jupiter. Again we are generous with our emotions, there is caring, sympathy, the ability to give those who do us wrong an extra chance. Yes, someone may play with our vulnerabilities a little today or lead us down the garden path, but such is the strength of the positivity of the planetary links that we will willingly overlook any small misdemeanours.

This wonderfully forward looking day ends as we started with the Moon conjunct to the North Node and trine to the Sagittarian Sun. Not only are we in tune, emotions working beautifully with our actions and desires but the North Node connection points to the future. With the Sun now out of the way of the square to Neptune, now is a much better time to push forward with things that you want to to achieve. The planets are not often in such a good mood, so please make the most of and enjoy your Thursday...


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