Saturday, 2 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Full Moon in Gemini - Sunday 3rd December 2017

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The Moon is in the sign of Gemini all day and we will be flexible, we can multi-task and and it won't be a problem for us to carry out several priorities at the same time without too many problems. The Gemini Moon is more logical than emotional, we rationalise situations rather than feel them with the Moon in this sign, and you will need to keep your mind busy, as not doing so will make you fidget and irritable to others.

The Moon starts off making an opposition to Venus in Sagittarius, oppositions across this axis is a theme of this day, and the stand off between the planet of emotions and the planet of love poses us some questions. Are our relationships and values correct and is our partner providing the love and requirements that we really need. For a short while we will be challenged by these questions, however the Gemini Moon should be able to cut through our concerns through the information we know, see and hear in response. There is a cool logic that we can call upon to answer our questions.

This information we will take with us as the Moon starts to oppose the Sun in Sagittarius in the middle of the day. Any full Moon shows the culmination of a cycle so in regard to it occurring in Gemini you may be finalising an idea, finishing a term of education or applying for a course that you have been considering for some time now or you may take up teaching or advising. This is a Full Moon of achieving an aim, stretching your mind, planning travel or getting in touch with people that you haven’t seen in a while. The full Moon in Gemini is often a time when the phone rings and rings or emails and letters flood in with the Moon receiving the full reflection of the Sun in Sagittarius, the sign of excess. What you say, intimate or agree to now will be important in the weeks and months to come.

Now there are an extra couple of elements to factor in with this full Moon as it is aspected by both Neptune and Jupiter. The full Moon occurs at 11 degrees Gemini and exactly square to the Sun and Moon is Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces. This Neptune is at odds to that which is revealed. Neptune has many qualities, it creates chaos and uncertainty, it hides the truth and brings about suffering, it is the planet of escapism, fantasy and magic, theatre and make-believe lies and deception and it will drop a cloud of uncertainty over everything now. Jupiter is inconjunct to the Full Moon and the planet of excess will add to the breadth and scope of everything going on, it will make a mountain out of a molehill. The inconjunct angle brings difficulty and a need to adjust priorities, it will make bring changes, adjustments, separations and complacency because of a lack of understanding. We can sleepwalk into trouble as the extent of full Moon starts to play out around us, because everything we hear and see may be just fiction and not fact; a fabrication of the truth. Don’t believe anything until you have 100 percent proof.

If you have any planets or angles on or around the 11 degree mark of Gemini or Sagittarius, then you are going to be in the middle of all of this in some way. With Neptune and Jupiter in an almost perfect trine acting on this Full Moon, this this is not not going to be a small drama that you are dealing with, oh no, this could build into a full scale production that is being acted out in your life with you in the leading role, sort of Nightmare on Elm Street meets La La Land – you get the picture? It's gonna get really interesting on this day, so put on your make up and costumes, walk onto set and wait for the cue. Lights, camera, action – let's roll...


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