Sunday, 12 November 2017

Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Jupiter/Mercury square Saturn - Monday 13th November 2017


This is the second day that the Moon spends entirely in Virgo and again our needs are more based in reality and getting the basics right, and correct. There is a sense of order about today and also of service and you may be happiest when you aren't looking after your own requirements but instead tending to those of others.

There is a good balance to the day first thing as the Sun and Moon form an easy sextile link that marries our actions and emotions nicely together. There is a sense of getting things done correctly and incredibly thoroughly. Soon the Moon starts to encounter difficult angles to Saturn, Uranus and an opposition to Chiron, and we will take on any changes or challenges to our schedule of things to do with the utmost seriousness, however as I will explain later on, today there is a catch that we should be made aware of. It may be that we are not feeling very settled about the situation that we find ourselves in today, especially if we feel guilty that we aren't able to fulfil that which we promised to do, or that we don't really fancy taking on any difficult challenges anyway.

Now there are two other planetary meeting that dominate today. Firstly the two most beneficial planets in our solar system join forces in Scorpio. Jupiter and Venus reach an exact conjunction and this should lift our spirits no matter what happens to you today. This conjunction is one of love, generosity and optimism and we may be feeling an excess of idealism throughout the day. We will be compelled to have a good time, whatever that may mean to you, from socialising to entertaining yourself to excess. This is an ultra lazy combination too and you may not feel like doing anything at all. As I mentioned, too much hard work will seem like a total chore today.

Those two planets are making a closing link to Neptune which receives a tense square from Mercury. This is a much more tricky aspect to gauge, and the way we think, communicate and make decisions will be clouded and maybe confused. This plays directly against the organised Virgo Moon connecting with structured Saturn, and all the good work that we think that we are putting in may be punctuated by mistakes. We may THINK that we are dong a good job but actually we may be setting ourselves up for a fall when the dust settles.

As I mentioned yesterday, it's maybe better to hold of doing important work now, and I'd suggest put your feet up, pour a glass of something alcoholic, and enjoy the Venus Jupiter feel good factor of doing very little of any significance. In the grand scheme of things, it may be your best bet...


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