Thursday, 9 November 2017

Astrology of the Day – Friday 10th November 2017

In The Spotlight

The Moon throughout this day stays in the sign of Leo and we may pick up on this through being a little more dramatic and expressive in our emotions in both good and bad ways. There is plenty of enthusiasm present when the Moon is in Leo and we may want to achieve and get things done with a smile, however if matters go away and not to plan, the Leo Moon can also encourage us to sulk and complain more readily than we normally would do.

This is a slightly quieter day than yesterday and yet none the less frustrating. The Moon makes only four connections to other planets and two of those happen early on, as the Moon forms an opportunistic sextile to Mars. Both of these planets also are creating an inconjunct to Neptune, bringing the planet of dreams into the focal point of a finger of God or Yod aspect. What does this mean? Well, our need to show and act out our emotions will be played out through the qualities that Neptune exudes. Even temporary yods such as this one can be quite powerful as the harmony in this case between the Moon and Mars is twisted and turned. The resulting energy could see us being extra creative, inspirational, super sexy and alluring, deceptive, needing to escape, confused, sacrificial, suffering in some way or causing chaos. No matter what does happen, with the Moon in Leo there will almost certainly be an element of drama or theatre to whatever goes on. Important moments or pointers for the future can come out of such a triple connection, so keep a keen eye on what comes out of today's events.

Later on the Moon enters into another inconjunct aspect to Pluto while at the same time making a last quarter square to the Sun. Unlike earlier on, there is an imbalance now present between our emotions and desires, and the resulting tension may bring about changes and situations that aren't quite want we want them to be. There is a subtle pressure here to conform to someone else's agenda and even if we don't complain, inwardly we will be wanting to do things in a slightly different way. The art of being able to compromise or bite your tongue is what you will need now to keep the peace.


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