Monday, 30 October 2017

Kevin Spacey – Having to defend himself against lurid allegations.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey has come into the news after a historical altercation with child actor Anthony Rapp (who was 14 years old at the time of the meeting) leading to an uncalled for sexual advance. Today he made a full and frank apology for his actions, and it also lead the former Oscar winner to admit that he was actually gay.


Born Kevin Spacey Fowler on 26th July 1959 in South Orange, New Jersey (no birth time known), he is a Sun Leo with a go getting Aries Moon. There is much fire here which crackles with enthusiasm, thus he will be proud, will love the limelight and through this combination he will have a constant need to achieve. Any individual with Moon in Aries will naturally be impulsive and may act on their emotions without thinking of the initial consequences, which in my mind gives a little credence to the apology that has been forwarded. There is other evidence on this chart to back up this too.

Kevin's Sun lies square to his natal Neptune in the early degrees of Scorpio, just where transiting Jupiter is sitting at this minute. The square is very imaginative and creative, and that proud showy Leo Sun is enthused with a love of the arts through this tense angle. Anything from theatre and film to music and dance will be attractive to Kevin, and he will be able to melt into any role that he portrays with the greatest of ease. All planets have their detriment side though, and this square holds many secrets behind the closet door. There is the ability to confuse and to distract through this square, and to hide certain less savoury parts of his character away. This is a powerful square, and Spacey has proved himself to be a giant in the acting world over the years, however Jupiter's entrance into Scorpio has provided a key to that locked closet door, and the impropriety that he showed in private has now been opened out for the world to pass judgement on. Coming out as a gay man has also been a by-product of this conjunction, maybe it is a spiritually necessary thing for Kevin to do in coming to terms with his sexuality, especially as transiting Saturn perfects a square to Chiron opening up old issues and childhood hang-ups within us all.

That Neptune really is at the fulcrum of this natal chart, being at the midpoint of a trine between Saturn retrograde in early Capricorn, and a very strong and intense Mars/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, also in a wide conjunction with Venus also in the same sign. Saturn retrograde is almost always an indication of a less than loving relationship with one's father ,and Kevin may not have appreciated him as a role model when young. This can affect one's confidence and maybe his father didn't fully appreciate Kevin's creative side, which showed itself when he was at school. It was at this point that he started using his middle name “Spacey” handed down from his grandmother instead his real surname, presumably as a snub to his father? This position of Saturn does confer him with great organisational and administrative ability though, and he did a fantastic job here in London in promoting and running the Old Vic theatre as artistic director, a role he finally gave up in 2015 and for which he garnered great praise and love for the work that he did. He is a born leader in that sense, able to take a project by the scruff of it's neck and lead it to success.

Mars conjunct Pluto shows huge determination and quiet obsession. Despite the showy nature of his Sun, he is a secretive man, and many of his actions will never be revealed. He will be guarded and service orientated, and I suspect this placement is one of the reasons why he has kept his status as a gay man hidden for such a long time. There is a timidity and wariness of the two planets in this sign, and he will be ultra careful and very much a perfectionist in all that he does. No detail will ever be too much trouble to achieve, and the technical and stringent way that he will go about his work will always be his trademark. Venus hooked into this conjunction brings a serious and careful way that he treats relationship matters, his values and finances. They will remain out of sight under a Neptunian veil or shroud, unless he is made or forced to lift the lid of the true nature of them. Trine to Saturn there is huge determination and he is someone who thrives by doing his own thing. I can imagine he is a hard task-masker, potentially difficult to work with due to his need for perfection, but also fair and very supportive if you are of the same mentality as he is, or if you work hard and show willing to the cause.

There is one more set of aspects on this chart with Mercury retrograde conjunct to Uranus in Leo both square to Jupiter in Scorpio. This is a fixed square and it suggests to me someone who is a risk taker and will take a chance, however someone who keeps the details of this plans kept very firmly under his hat, and when I met him a few years ago at Heathrow he was indeed wearing a very snazzy pale blue fedora, although I'm not so sure it went with his red trousers though; that was a fashion faux-pas in my book. Anyway, back to the Astrology, this set of aspects makes him think big and he will be able to plan widely and yet master the details at the same time. He will be inspirational, quirky, quiet and a real individual and when I met him I found that out to be very true. No doubt he is a man of great talent, and yet someone who will think carefully before he speaks, and I an in no doubt that the admission of his sexuality was carefully crafted to try and deflect some of the heat off himself. Everything said will have a reason for it, and everything he says will have a message to listen to. You know, even those with Mercury retrograde in Leo will like the sound of their own voice, even if they don't speak as often and as brashly as those with Mercury direct in this sign.

Spacey transits 

As I mentioned before, Jupiter now at 4 degrees Scorpio is directly hitting the centre-point of his natal chart, that Neptune in Scorpio (also at 4 Scorpio), activating his Sun (personal), Saturn (matters of a serious nature), Pluto (secrets), Mars (sexual acts), Venus (matters of personal values and relationships), thus explaining the nature of the complaints against him. Transiting Neptune is now opposing Kevin's natal Venus, an aspect that causes confusion and again lifts the lid on relationship matters, forcing anything hidden into the open. It's almost as if Kevin is using this aspect as a smoke screen, as I mentioned earlier. Luckily the other outer planets, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are out of the way of any major aspects against his natal chart, and with Jupiter generally being a fortunate influence, I suspect the matter will soon enough be forgotten as a moment when his lack of judgement and impulsive nature did get the better of him...


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