Thursday, 18 May 2017

Vladimir Putin – Sitting pretty as the rest of the world is in panic mode



Hi everyone. With all the shenanigans going on in Washington D.C. I decided to look across the globe and examine one leader on earth who has complete mastery of his situation, Vladimir Putin. Right now he must be sitting in his office at the Kremlin with a large vodka in one hand, feet up on the desk with a big smile on his face. Why? Transiting lucky, fortunate Jupiter is sitting right on his Sun for the next 2 and a half months!!!

Putin is a Sun Libran, born on 7th October 1952 in Saint Petersburg, Russia (we think 09.30 am) and his Sun at 13.55 Libra has retrograde Jupiter slowing to a stop on his Sun in June and then turning direct, so it will be staying a long time on the 13-14 degree point. That's like winning the lottery several times over, and it tends to shield you from all the other more nasty aspects swirling around, as you have fortune on your side.

Putin transits

By this I mean that transiting Saturn is conjunct to his natal Mars and he should be frustrated, irritated and blocked in his actions now, but do we see that? Nope, the plan to destabilise the US is going swimmingly. Indeed transiting Neptune is inconjunct to his Sun and ordinarily that is a nasty aspect that weakens you and forces you to accept situations that are not initially in your best interest personally, or it makes you lethargic and/or gullible. Do we see that either? Nope, indeed the cards seem to be falling on the table beautifully for him. Anyone domestically who does potentially gets in the way, such as Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny recently, gets arrested, trumped up charges are put against them, they are then convicted and packed off to sunny Siberia for a few months. Simples!! Note - only those readers in the UK will get that joke

Putin's natal chart although in doubt as it's only A rated seems reasonable to me, with Pluto conjunct to his kingly Leo Midheaven and Scorpio on his Ascendant, perfect for an ex KBG boss come President dabbling in diplomatic games, secrets and espionage, and when he wants to be he can be brutally efficient in wielding the power at his disposal.

His natal Sun born within the stars of Corvus the crow is now conjunct to the main star in that constellation, Algorab, the terrorist star. As such there is a cunning, sneaky and very manipulative side to him. His natal Mercury is exactly on the stars Spica in Virgo and also conjunct Arcturus in Bootes, so he has an exceptional mind, he's clever, inventive, sharp and never behind the eight ball. He's one smart cookie, and he's always one step ahead too. Dealing and playing with Trump and the fledgling US administration must be a piece of cake, especially when they are so open to divulge pretty much anything to them. As the old saying goes, keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. Even I know that one.


Elsewhere on his chart, Sun conjunct Saturn, Neptune and Mercury shows him to be serious and he will have an element of the preacher about him, it suggests the kind of person who runs things with an iron fist and yet is able to drift in and out remaining illusive and untouchable, like the powerful religious leader who has all the answers. All these planets are in Libra, the ultimate socialist sign, the sign of equality. The problem with Libra is that the motivation is that everything has to be fair for me, and not always for everyone else. That's always been the problem with this sign and with the communist system in general, human selfishness gets in the way of true egalitarianism.

These planets square to Uranus indicate someone who takes a different approach but his fixed in his ways, the radical who seems to play like the insider. He'll be cold, calculating and rather unemotional with his Moon in information rich Gemini, always in the know and keeping abreast of every situation. I have Moon in Gemini too, and I know that your moods do fluctuate with this position, friendly one minute and difficult the next. That will keep those around him off guard as to what he really needs.

Venus in his 1st house in controlling Scorpio shows vanity and a need to show off a bit, and we've seen that with him swimming across lakes, posing bare chested on horses and playing ice hockey in which allegedly a few weeks ago he scored a very impressive 9 goals according to the Russian media. Mars in Sagittarius is very sporting, adventurous and loves the outdoor life, and Jupiter in Taurus wants all the trappings of a comfortable existence, and with the hand on the tiller of the Russian super tanker, Putin has that side of things nicely sorted.

I hate to say it, but the poker player in the Kremlin holds all the aces at the moment...

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