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Sir Roger Moore – Always living in the fast lane…


Sir Roger Moore

Today at the age of 89 years, the film actor and former “James Bond”, Sir Roger Moore passed away, after a short battle with cancer. He was the longest serving of the actors to play Bond, bringing a suave and sophisticated side to the character, combined with some very cheesy humour. He also appeared in several feature films and TV series here in the UK.

Born on 14th October 1927 at 00.45hrs (from memory) in London, Roger was a Sun Libran with a chatty Gemini Moon and a proud, put me in the spotlight Leo Ascendant. His Sun, the ruler of his chart sat next to the planet of action Mars, and appropriately his father (represented by the Sun was a police officer). He had Neptune the planet of dreams and fantasy conjunct to his Leo Ascendant from his first house and also conjunct to the fixed star Regulus. This Neptune also made a trine up to his Taurean Midheaven, and any Astrologer looking at that set of connections would realise that there was a creative and talented artist/performer hiding somewhere in his character and on leaving school he did want to be a painter, enrolling at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, before he was conscripted by the forces at the end of the 2nd World War. Moore served in the Royal Army Service Corp before eventually rising to the level of Captain running a small army depot in Hamburg, Germany before getting involved in looking after entertainers in the Armed forces. Here you are seeing the two strands that would define his life, the entertainment, film and acting world combined with the military and action roles.


Roger had Venus in his second house, a placement that often suggest earning money and getting self worth from the creative side of life, and both Venus and Neptune were widely square to a Moon/ Saturn opposition, across his 4th/10th house axis. Here we have conflict between the work life, which Roger would almost be married too and a more difficult home life. This opposition show potential trouble or disappointment with women or though the emotions, and Gemini Moon souls are incredibly cold and rational and not that emotional. I am one of those Gemini Moon people and i know that I can have quite a cold heart at times, and I suspect that Roger in those quieter away from work times was not the warm character that you saw on the silver screen. Roger was married three times and I understand his relationships were chaotic and tempestuous at times, that certainly reflects the squares to Neptune, and any Saturn square to Venus shows disappointment in relationship matters. I wouldn’t mind betting that his work got in the way of his personal life, and that maybe was one of the reasons that he could never really tie down a happy marriage? Aquarius on the cusp of his 7th house suggested relationships and marriages that would begin quickly, but would end quickly too.

He was a tax exile from the UK, eventually spending most of his time in Monaco and Switzerland, with his Sun Mars conjunction square to Pluto the planet of taxes, investments and change, his Mars ruling his 9th house of connections abroad and his Sun ruling his chart. He would have been fun to be around with Jupiter and Uranus in a conjunction, this is a risk taker’s aspect, one of high spirits and great fun socially, he lived in the fast lane and with that Sun Mars conjunction in his 3rd house of transportation, he would have had a love of fast cars. More of that later...

Uranus making a sextile to his Moon says to me that his emotions were cool and quite logical. Not a man to get too emotionally attached to anything or anyone. Saturn trine to Uranus indicates that he was someone who was a bit of an innovator and he would always try to put forward a fresh perspective to anything he did. This trine aspect funnily enough can get into a rut or get typecast, as Uranus although a planet of change is also rather fixed in it’s ways too and Saturn in Sagittarius restricts openness and expansionism, and we did always see Roger in the same kind of roles in film and TV. Roger did what he did, and did it well.

Finally, I think he was, when push comes to shove, a more private man than you might imagine. Mercury in the 4th house trine to Pluto shows a very introspective and private mind, and I suspect he kept a lot of stuff to himself. A deep thinker he would have been, probably quite a bookworm too (Mercury in 4th) as well as probably an interest in the slightly darker side of life.

My abiding memory of Roger was never on screen. No, it was one day as my family were travelling back from North London having visited my grandfather. We were travelling along quite fast and suddenly this open top  sports car came alongside. I looked across and there was Roger Moore, the wind whipping through his hair. He sped off into the distance at breakneck speed. I told you he loved fast cars… 

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