Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mars conjunct fixed star Rigel - A lot of enthusiasm, but reckless with it...


Orion 2

This conjunction is starting to build and will last from tomorrow 15th May now until Wednesday 17th at 17:04 degrees Gemini.

Mars is now approaching one of the most prominent stars in the constellation of Orion, Rigel, a star that lies in the foot of the warrior hero in the skies. Rigel also sits at the end of the constellation of Eridanus, the river. This star does have a rather chaotic and independent side to it but it is also highly regarded by the star gazers of the past. Robson said it was one that brought "benevolence, honour, riches, happiness, glory, renown and inventive or mechanical ability". Rigel also bring the potential for educating or informing and instructing people and is tied to teaching and learning.

Now Mars connecting with star can bring great determination and a will to win, and you can achieve much in all your aims and desires as this star can help you literally keep your feet on the ground. I think that so long as you have a plan in advance and you stick to it then you will be fine, but Mars with this star can be unruly and boisterous, thus it can lead you to being too rash and taking things for granted too much. If you get too impatient of course or try to "wing it", that's when you'll likely get in trouble. Also be careful in regard to dealing with authority, as you may disregard what they tell you to do; this is a connection that often flouts the law, taking an "I don't care" attitude. As mentioned before this is a great star to have if you are learning something new or teaching someone else, and it's great for solving technical and engineering matters.

Now in the world around us this connection may bring about some illegal acts or some rather rash military ones. There's a sense of acting without due consideration here, doing things out of impulse, and remember this. Donald Trump's disruptive natal Uranus (conjunct to his Sun) is at 17.54 degrees Gemini and this conjunction especially in mid week is going to be a little too close for comfort for him not to do something unexpected, or stupid!!


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