Thursday, 20 April 2017

Shooting on the Champs Elysees in Paris



Evening everyone. Yet another shooting in Paris tonight as two police officers were shot on the most famous boulevard in the city. Now I hear this attack occurred at 9.00 pm local time, and rather than looking at the actual chart, I'll take a different tack (as I do) and link it back to the first terrorist attack in Paris back a couple of years ago, the Charlie Hebdo one on 7th Jan 2015. I did this for the Bataclan atrocity, and yet again there are striking links to this first incident.

Pais vs Hebdo

Here we see transiting Saturn the planet of loss sitting bang on the CH Midheaven, and transiting Chiron and Venus in conjunction sit square to Saturn and the MC, thus social wounding and injury in a most public manner possible. Chiron is exactly square to the MC (orb 0.01 degrees).

Furthermore, transiting Mars is opposing the CH Saturn sitting in the 8th house of death and change, plus Mars is square to the CH Mars as well. This is a dangerous and aggressive set of aspects, aimed as authority (Saturn) and the police (Mars). The Nodes are always important as they link things to the past, and the transiting Nodes are exactly square to that natal Saturn (again orb 0.01 degrees from exact). Transiting Jupiter squares the CH Sun (orb 0.10 degrees from exact) and information coming in says that the attack was prompted by a terrorist coming in from Belgium specifically for it. Jupiter represents overseas links, and I hear that ISIS have just claimed responsibility for it.

Looking at fixed stars, Mars today was on Alcyone (tears and judgmental anger) and specifically for Paris, Uranus links by paran to Al Rescha the knot star in Pisces, and this threatens to split communities apart. Very worryingly Pluto is rising with Algol, the demon star,  bringing the potential for death and assassination - this connection will be in place until mid June for Paris, so the threat level will be very high in the city. The Sun rose with Zosma setting, the star of victimisation and the Moon was setting with the main star in Ophiuchus, Ras Alhague, so the public will be focused on matters of social healing or finding a solution to a difficult or painful problem. Mars was again linked  in paran to Alcyone, the same as in the actual conjunction, thus there was anger and sadness in equal measures in Paris today. Interestingly too Jupiter was linked to Vindemiatrix, the star in Virgo called the gatherer, and I suspect this will bring the people together under one issue, more than likely the security of France against those of faith or from abroad (Jupiter).

Remember, this attack comes 3 days before the first round of voting in the French general election, and I strongly suspect those candidates who highlight strong action against the Islamist threat to France may benefit in the wake of it. I already have pinned my flag to the mast in tipping Marine Le Pen to have a shock win, and this incident only goes to strengthen her case against free movement and for border controls in France.

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