Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Pluto goes retrograde - Time for psychological readjustment


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I don’t if you realise, but Pluto is now at an almost dead stop and is just about to turn inwards and move into retrograde motion. It officially stops tomorrow at 19.24 degrees Capricorn tomorrow. You know, because some of these outer planets are retro for long periods maybe we take then for granted, but we should not.

Pluto when direct transforms our world through outside events and incidents that change the direction of our lives. Parts of our lives will die and then we have to take a different course. We may get blocked by facing people in power who have control over us. We may face cruelty or harshness and have to deal with the consequences and we may find that we have to assess our financial position too.

Pluto retrograde turns inward on ourselves and in the next few months until the end of September we are going to find that our attitudes and patterns of thought are going to change, we may have to psycho-analyse our own lives so that we can get some personal power back in our own hands. If you have been suffering with depression or feeling low, now you will be able to fully deal with those consequences and get to the root cause of the problems.

Whatever house of sector of your chart that contains 19 -17 degrees Capricorn, those qualities and parts of our lives will be under severe scrutiny now, and you will be mulling over things connected to this house that have been bothering us in the past few months but you have failed to fully address. Now we will either choose to change your motivations, or we will be forced. There is no choice in the matter as Pluto is relentless in its aim to progress our lives onwards. Where things have got out of control, Pluto will force us to take back power into our own hands, so that we can readdress situations that have escaped our grasp or it will impose restrictions on us until we realise that the actions we have been taking have been wrong and until we vow to act in a different and more suitable way.

We will have to redouble our efforts, make a more determined line in concentrating and ameliorate things that have split apart or have become detached from the course that we needed to follow in the first place. It's sort of hitting the reset button, or starting putting the pieces of the jigsaw in place. Through this process of resetting the clock and realising that our lives have become detached from the truth and reality that should be, we ourselves will become much more self aware of the mistakes that we have made in the past, the actions that we should have taken and the control that we should have exerted. Eventually we will all see psychological growth that will inevitably lead to growth that will be seen by the outer world around us. Where we were weak we will become stronger, and where we were overly strong, or using our control in the wrong way we may be cut down to size so that we learn some humility and modesty. Pluto retrograde is internally balancing the books, so that we can get on with the next chapter in our lives.

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