Monday, 24 April 2017

New Moon in Taurus on 26th April - Showing patience and resilience for a long term gain.

In a couple of days time we will experience a New Moon in Taurus. The Taurus Scorpio axis on any chart is one of life and death, birth and rebirth. It is related to growing, making building and maintaining something of value (Taurus) and then tearing it down so that new structures can replace those that have become tired and worn out (Scorpio). This constant cycle of renewal and replacement is fundamental to the circle of life itself, and as you will know any new Moon is like turning the page in a book and starting to read a new chapter. This new Moon in Taurus is the equivalent of planting a seed in the ground, watering it and encouraging it to germinate.

Now this conjunction of Sun and Moon is not connected to the rest of the planets at the time it is exact and the only connection it makes is to a star in the constellation of Cephus, the king called Alphirk. This star names comes from the Arabic "Al-Firk", the flock and this relates to a shepherd who looks after his sheep. This New Moon then suggests to me that you have to protect and nurture an idea, a project, a group or a team, anything under your wing and be prepare to give it love support and care to allow it to grow. This may relate to any sphere of life that you are either beginning, going back to or starting afresh.

New moon in Taurus

I get the sense certainly in regard to Venus (related to this New Moon as it rules Taurus) in having recently turned direct after a 42 day period of moving retrograde, that creative projects, relationships and financial commitments that were put on hold or under review during this backwards motion can now get under full steam once again, following the enforced readjustment that Venus required of us. With anything beginning in Taurus you will need patience and endurance though, as the fruits of what is started now will not appear some while. You may have to economise your efforts for the moment so that you can benefit later on, so please bide your time and don't expect miracles.

As it is, Venus moves into Aries, the sign of getting things going and making new starts shortly after this New Moon on 28th April, in the process escaping the clutches of conjunctions from Chiron and a square from Saturn. These tense and difficult aspects have been incredibly powerful on all of us, and somewhere in your life I can imagine that you have been recently hurt, wounded, worried, prevented, restricted, frustrated or blocked. I know that at times in the past couple of weeks I have literally been tearing my hair out over matters that I had little control over. Neptune being unaspected throughout this month hasn't helped this process either.

On this chart, Uranus and Mercury retrograde are in a close conjunction in Aries, this time in a trine to Saturn, and technical, scientific and social ideas that are being reviewed can gain some kind of traction now. Remember that Uranus is a rebel influence and there is an element of not taking "No" for an answer about this aspect. You will tend to fight against (Uranus) impositions, and restrictions (Saturn) over contracts, agreements and things spoken and communicated from the past (Mercury retrograde).

Mars is now in Gemini and information will be coming at from all angles in the next few weeks, and the temptation will be for us to spread our efforts too thinly amongst too many tasks, rather than concentrating on the ones that we need to in order to make progress. Then again if you want to be busy and get actively promoting something good to as many people as possible, Mars in Gemini is exactly what you need to get the ball rolling.

In short then this New Moon allows us to resurrect things that have being either in the planning stage or have been laying dormant for a while. We've all been under the gun and feeling the strain and I think this lunation gives a signal for us all to prepare for a brighter future and to nurture our flock so that we can benefit from it later in the year...

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