Saturday, 8 April 2017

Neptune unaspected in April 2017 - Blurred lines or distorted ideas



From 8th April until the end of the month, Neptune will be unaspected apart from the moments when the transiting Moon makes contact with it. This is quite an unusual event for one planet to be unaspected for such a prolonged period, and this will be especially important to us all as Neptune is moving in his home domain of Pisces. The Moon will make contact with Neptune by opposition on 8th April, a trine on 12th, a square on 15th, sextile on 17th, a conjunction 22nd/23rd, a sextile on 27th and a square on 29th before the Sun starts to make a sextile on 30th April. On all other dates it will be unaspected.

Any unaspected planet, and by this I mean unconnected by a major aspect - conjunction, sextile, square trine or opposition tends to take on a mind of it's own in a natal chart, and in a day to day transiting chart I think it takes on a purity or clarity of influence depending in which sign it is moving. Neptune in it's own sign is doubly powerful and having seen the effects that Neptune had on Saturn and the South Nodal conjunction last year, with mass migrations, fake news and the rise in extremist ideas and actions, this is another month where we will have to be very careful not to be duped, or coerced into things and situations that see ok at the outset, but turn sour and toxic very quickly.

Neptune, or "big blue" as I like to nickname it, represents a lot of things and concepts. On the good side it promotes compassion and imagination, intuition and creativity, a naturally sacrificial and spiritual giving vibe, it promotes music, the arts and a romantic sense of everything being wonderful. This is the rose tinted view on life, where nothing can be or go wrong. Surely it can't...???

Then again Neptune is suffering and solitude, delusion and confusion, it is chaotic and subversive. Neptune rules escapist behaviour and passivity, and one will just want to walk away from any issue rather than facing up to it. This is the planet of sleep and dreams, unreality as against reality, and one can totally lose sight of what is real. Neptune rules the collective, the masses and shared-consciousness, whether good or bad and I have found a direct link from Neptune to terror and extremism, the poisoning of the mind through false ideology and outright lies.

Nothing will be what it seems for most of April. When you think you have a handle on things, you may find that you haven't. What people tell you may be as the Americans put it "just a load of baloney". Fake news? You ain't seen nothing yet. Now is a time for pure illusion, absolute dream time, we may all be sleepwalking into a nightmare.

On the flip side, this is a wonderful time to use your imagination to create and to visualize, to paint pictures in vivid and wonderful colours, to let your senses run wild. You may show a much more compassionate side or you may want peace and quiet to contemplate and to soak up the spiritual vibes that only a pure and undiluted Neptune can bring. Escaping to a vista in a sea of fluffy white clouds, you can have a Neptunian escapist experience now, like a mountain spring emerging from the dissolving of the winter snows; turning something that was solid into fluid, free from the bounds that held it in place.

Remember, this can be a time of wonderful inspiration and brilliant ideas, BUT be careful to have your wits about you and remember to be totally aware, as nothing will be real as it seems. In the world around us, believe nothing as being totally truthful. There is the possibility for utter chaos, misdirection or misinformation, or for people getting caught up in an idea or dream that is just pure fantasy. For those of you who don’t take life too seriously, you may sail through the next month without a care in the world. For the rest of us, the lack of control and structure that Neptune in Pisces unaspected can engender may be extremely unsettling. 

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