Thursday, 20 April 2017

Mars conjunct to Alcyone - Acting in a short sighted manner


the 7 sisters[4]

Mars is now into the constellation of the stars of Taurus the Bull, and the first one it comes into contact is the star Alcyone in the bull's shoulder, sitting at 0.14 degrees Gemini.

The star Alcyone is actually one of the most prominent ones in the night sky, the most visible of the stars in the nebula of the Pleiades. This cluster of stars known as the 7 sisters marked the month when prayers were said for the dead and so they have always had a darker side of life attributed to them, as they always rose at sunset around All Hallow's Eve, the time we now call Halloween. Alcyone as a star represents the third eye, it has insightful, mystical and visionary properties but also a tough, ruthless judgmental and angry side to it too. There are very strong emotions at play here, and the emotions can literally flow over too, either into intense sadness or as I mentioned furious anger. Nebulae are often connected to blindness if the connections to them are difficult, but not in the literal sense, although I have myself dealt with people with Alcyone who have sight issues. One can be blind to a possibility too, narrow minded and unable to see an alternative.

Now Mars is the planet of action and aggression, and when emotions get fraught, it is often the case that people carry out things that maybe are unwise, or say things that in the heat of the moment may not be appropriate. This is a trap that we may all fall into in the next couple of days as the connection exists. We may act without thinking of the consequences, being blind to the effect that our decisions may have on other people. I sense a selfish couple of days coming on and in some situations this may be a good thing, but often it is unwise to act completely in your own self interest. In the world around us look for an overly emotional reaction to problems, and for actions taken in good faith at the time that bring us to tears, or provoke a lot of anger in response, either to a sense of injustice or to general social suffering.

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