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New Moon 28th March 2017 - A crunch point in the Venus retrograde cycle


New moon

The New Moon on Tuesday is in the sign of Aries the first one in the zodiac connected with the self, new beginnings and taking a positive step forward and this is very appropriate for a New Moon as they themselves are the start of a new Astrological cycle. New moons ask you to set an intention for the future and they can be initiators of brand new experiences in all our lives.

This New Moon is at 7.37 degrees Aries and it should be most beneficial for anyone of you out there who were born into the first couple of weeks of any of the fire signs, that's Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Those born in the first couple of weeks of the Air signs, that's Gemini, Libra or Aquarius should feel opportunities coming their way too. This New Moon is accompanied by Venus retrograde and I suspect that any effect of this New Moon will be tinged with the effects of Venus retro, as in the review of current relationships, personal values, self worth and finances, all of which will be now under the microscope.


This is not the time to set out brand new intentions with these parts of your life, rather it is asking you to make decisions in how you proceed with existing situations that you find yourself in. Maybe a relationship will now break under this New Moon allowing you to step out in the future and find a more fulfilling one in the weeks and months to come? Maybe you will have to rework your finances to deal with a cash crisis or sudden influx. Maybe you will have to deal with matters of your own self worth that may have taken a battering recently? Whichever way that Venus retrograde has been affecting you, now is a chance to hit the reset button, and to start to go in a new direction.

Venus Retrograde is starting to make a square aspect to Saturn and a conjunction to Chiron as it moves backwards, and I am sure that an element of hurt and difficulty and having to buckle down in some way is going to be part of the picture in the days ahead. Lessons are going to be learned, but any fix for the situations you find yourself in may be permanent ones once the dust settles.

Mercury is entering the Uranus Jupiter Pluto t-square at this New Moon, and this promotes a change of thinking, a new perspective and a wider more philosophical outlook that you would do well to heed. It's time to see things in a new light. Mars will be moving into a determined and productive trine with Pluto next week so actions leading to transformations and changes in your life should be implemented more easily that you currently imagine. Saturn trines to Uranus and Mercury, so a new mental approach to things, a new plan or agreement should help you to make permanent changes and adjustments that will help a lot in the long run.

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