Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus – April and May 2016

Mercury retrograde[3]

Hi everyone. I’m just giving the normal warning today about the impending Mercury retrograde that starts tomorrow on the 28th April and lasts until the 22nd May when it stops and turns direct once again.

Now I've found Mercury retrograde to be mildly irritating, a time when complications just get in the way of ordinary life, especially at work, as Mercury in my own chart sits in my 10th house of career. That's where I seem to feel it most and you will find that you will tend to sense things not being as they should or you will get delays, breakdowns, and the same irritations wherever your Mercury lies in your own chart. You may also sense things not going correctly or smoothly in the part of your own chart covered by the degrees 14-23 degrees Taurus, the Retrograde hit zone this time around. You also tend to go over old ground when Mercury starts to move backwards, or meet old friends. As other Astrologers say (and I agree with them) any actions beginning with "Re-" will be more prevalent now, redoing, revisiting, reacquainting, revising, readjusting... etc etc etc

Now the day or two around the station points (tomorrow through 29th April) I find the most potent as Mercury comes to a stop. This is where disruption in life will be the most acute, so look out for travel delays, things breaking or going wrong and misunderstandings happening.

This first station at 23.36 Taurus lands close to the star Capulus in the constellation of Perseus. Capulus is quite a brutal and confrontational star, so look out for verbal attacks and severe criticism in the world around us in the next day or two. Capulus represents the sword of Perseus, so expect arguments and withering criticism against things being cut down or reduced in size, or against what was said or decided previously. There may be transport, educational or service cuts that annoy and disrupt. Personal and society values and what we ourselves hold dear in our own lives (Taurus) are going to be a key theme in the next three weeks.

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