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Beyoncé Knowles – Clarity coming out of confusion


Beyoncé is back in the news in a big way after the release of her critically acclaimed video album “Lemonade”, the 6th album of her glittering solo career. This album was a product of her marriage breakdown with Jay Z and many have commented on the the line “Becky with the good hair” which seems to be a reference to the woman her husband cheated on her with. This has no doubt been a tough time for her and the Astrology against her natal chart proves it.

Beyonce natal

Now there are two natal charts out there for Beyoncé who was born in Houston,Texas on 4th September 1981. Those quoted by Astrodatabank include one at 10.00pm which is unverified and also a time of 04.37 is given from the biography "Soul Survivors: The Official Autobiography of Destiny's Child". This chart I have looked at and I rather like it, so I am running with it for this piece.

Beyoncé is a Sun Virgo and that Sun is unaspected in her 4.37am chart and this makes her a very independent woman, her self esteem will be important to her and she may appear quite aloof and distant, living in her own bubble or world. Of course all the Virgo traits will be there too, those of perfection and modesty, a hard work ethic, natural ability to serve and a critical acumen. This position shows potential difficulties dealing with men including her father, who was her manager in the early part of her career. It is likely that she will feel that the men in her life are not to be trusted or she may just feel uncomfortable around then. As much as she will want to be in a relationship, she wont feel fully settled either once she is in one. The Sun sits in her second house, so she will be preoccupied with accumulating wealth and prestige and living the good life and she may view her partner as a possession rather than an equal.

Her Moon is in deep emotional Scorpio, and she will be driven to know everything that is going on around her. The independent lady she is with Uranus conjunct to her Moon and her mother would have been talented too, and she seemed to be running a hairdressing salon and being a stylist herself. This conjunction shows the potential for quite a disruptive home life growing up, especially if the birth time is correct and the conjunction took place in the 4th house of domestic affairs and the family.

That Uranus makes a trine to a very frustrated 12th house Mars conjunct to her North Node in Leo. If there was any doubt that Beyoncé fought and had a very feisty relationship with her mother, this dispels it completely. The other name for the Nodal axis coined by Astrologer Noel Tyl is the maternal axis and here the presence of Mars showed simmering behind the scenes anger between mother and daughter. This position indicates that Beyoncé may hold on to problems without being able to share them, and this can lead to severe unhappiness, although if she sees other in trouble, she will act without hesitation. There is a very active and compassionate attitude to charity and helping the disenfranchised here. Mars being in Leo shows a sense of drama and fun and a tendency to show off too. Uranus trine this Leo Mars shows a very adventurous and dynamic side to her nature as well, a flair for technology, she will have very sharp reactions and a quick temper.

Communication is very key on this chart with four of the planets in the 3rd house connected with the mind. Here we find Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction as well as Venus and Pluto closely place together. She will find that she has a need to learn and gain knowledge and she will have a serious attitude to education and the way she expresses herself. Beyoncé will be prone to varying moods, from jovial and happy go lucky on occasions to harsh bordering on depressive the next. A sense of fairness and justice will dominate her thoughts, and I suspect revenge if she is wronged would be served very cold. Inspired by Venus conjunct Pluto, there is plenty of imagination within her and a deep appreciation of colour, style and fashion, especially as this conjunction makes a sextile to imaginative Neptune. Her relationships will tend to be stormy and transformational and I suspect she would have a magnetic hold over any guy who crossed her path; there is potential for brutality and violence in them too. Whenever you get into an intense relationship, the fallout if it breaks down can affect you enormously.

Now talking of Neptune it sits in the 5th house of creative talent sextile to the Midheaven ruler Venus (Taurus ruing 10th house) so the entertainments industry was a natural for her. Neptune rules music, dance, theatre and film and since she won a talent competition aged 7 years of age singing John Lennon’s imagine, her career path was set. Neptune here shows an absolute love of children and and idealistic attitude to love.

Mercury sits just inside her 2nd house and she will have a very mature and canny attitude to dealing with and earning money and she will have a sharp business brain too. Mercury is another of the planets in the sign of Libra, so she will want to see things are fair and she will be able to understand both sides to any situation. This is a diplomatic position which is useful considering the more dynamic and troublesome planetary positions that she was born with. This Mercury makes a sextile to her natal Mars, so she will be forthright in conversation, a good public speaker and decisive in her ideas and opinions. Certainly in the lyrics of her latest album, she is not holding back from controversial subjects.

Beyonce transits

Now we are all aware of her marital troubles and with unpredictable Uranus on the cusp of her 7th house of marriage under this 04.37 chart, this was to be expected. Her Sun sits at 11 degrees Virgo and in the last 6 months transiting Neptune, the planet of deception and disintegration as well as music and imagination has been starting to oppose her natal Sun. Furthermore to this the transiting Nodes and transiting Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing have been square to her creative and talented natal Neptune. You can imagine the torment and loss as something previously hidden, deceptive and secretive connected to sex and cheating which was hidden is revealed to her by Neptune. Neptune on this chart rules her 8th house of sex, secrets, power and inevitable change and this planet above any other is causing her grief. You will also see transiting Uranus opposing her Venus Pluto conjunction, a sure sign that a relationship (Venus) is on the rocks and that brutal secrets (Pluto) are coming out. This affects her home life (Scorpio on cusp of 4th house) and it will be played out in public (Taurus on cusp of 10th) and in the media (Libra on cusp of 3rd).

The way to handle this crisis was through her work and with serious Saturn now moving in that creative 5th house she has incorporated a tough and uncompromising attitude into her latest album, one that has garnered heaps of praise. Neptune opposite her Sun stimulated her imagination and intuitive ability and Chiron brought the hurt and and pain into her music as a way of healing and clarity for her. This is a crossroads point for her, and it is widely thought that he has properly matured as an artist with this album.

We have five retrograde planets now in operation and one of them Mars is starting to move backwards inside her 4th house of the home and family, so she will be reviewing this part of her life very carefully. If a divorce battle will ensue between her and Jay Z, look for it to get going in late June as Mars turns direct or mid August as it leaves the retrograde shadow zone.     

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