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The Lunar Eclipse of October 2014 – The great clear out begins…



It’s eclipse time again folks!! It seems only yesterday that we were experiencing the spring ones early this year, and now in just over a week’s time the autumnal ones are coming along. You will remember the last Lunar eclipse very clearly I suspect, it was a quite brutal one based around a very severe cardinal cross. This one again sees the outer planets of Pluto and especially Uranus playing a very potent role in the energy that will shape much of our world for the next few months.


This eclipse is going to be a bit kinder than the 15th April one that turned so many lives and relationships on their head, and I feel now that the events set in motion then will finally be drawn to a final conclusion by this one. The reason is because eclipses come in pairs, the last North Node one first brought in new energy, in this case emotional energy because this was a Lunar eclipse. This eclipse on the 8th October completes the cycle as it is a South Node Lunar one, the emotional energy set on fire by the eclipse in April will be running out of fuel. South Node eclipses see situations already in motion fading away, ending what was started. We will see situations and particularly relationships as this one lands across the Aries Libra axis slipping away, coming to a close, reaching a conclusion.

The eclipse occurs at 15 degrees Libra, very closely conjunct to Uranus and attended as you can see above by the transiting South Node. The Moon in Aries is energy to do your own thing, one needs to progress now by following “your ideas and your example”, there is a single-mindedness about the Moon in this position. One must follow one’s own emotions, it’s advisable not follow the lead of anyone else. Uranus in such a close conjunction stresses the same thing, let’s go out on a limb, experiment, be a bit selfish and independent, there is a need for rebellion and for shaking up something that has got old, stale and a bit out of date.

The last lunar eclipse in Libra put a hell of a lot of stress on partnership issues, and now as the energy slips away you may feel you should end those which have not been working. You’ll see that Uranus and the eclipsed Moon are opposing the Sun as well as Venus, Libra’s ruler. The battle here is clear as all things connected to Venus are put under deep emotional strain. Of course Venus rules love and relationships, money and finances, what we value in our lives, our possessions and what we own. There is a pulling away energy here that rips these things from your fingers. Yes I can live without that relationship, my finances are unstable so I’ll have to do something about it, no I don’t need all those possessions and I will willingly live a simpler and less cluttered lifestyle. It’s hard to let go, it’s difficult to progress on with things that we have grown accustomed to, but by embracing the new and the novel we can move onwards. That’s the real message that this eclipse is giving you, it’s time for a clear out. You know that old attic you have, the one where all those discarded possessions and memories sit for years on end? Well it’s about time that you sorted through all the old boxes and other useless stuff to make room for new elements in your life that will come along in 2015. You must “de-junk” your life, clear a space, make it cleaner, simpler, more understandable and less complicated. You need liberation and freedom now, and you’ll only achieve that if you let go of things, people and memories of the past.

Just to illustrate the point just a little more, this eclipse lands on the fixed star Alpheratz. Alpheratz is part of two constellations, Andromeda the damsel in distress and Pegasus the winged horse, this star connects the two. In Greek mythology, Andromeda was chained to the rocks left to the mercy of the sea monster Cetus the whale, but she was saved by Perseus the young brave warrior with a sword who cut her bonds setting her free. This eclipse is setting our emotions free as well and the influence of Pegasus is one of flying high, going fast and doing what you want to do and going where you like.

Uranus and the eclipsed Moon will also form part of a fantastic grand fire trine that I wrote about just a week or so ago. This enthusing grand fire trine sees Uranus in Aries trine to Jupiter in proud Leo trine to Mars in Sagittarius, a combination that is packed full of vim and vigour; it’s exciting, action packed, expansive, risky and a little bit dangerous. The only problem with any grand trine is that is is latent energy. Things are not going to happen and you will not be able to take advantage of it unless you are pro-active yourself. There are no gifts in Astrology, or very few of them anyway. If you show positive intent, then the planets will aid you to get stronger, go higher, travel faster and reach further than you could ever imagine.

Pluto is still playing a significant role here at the point of a t-square to the Sun Moon Venus, Uranus opposition bringing the power to transform into the mix. Pluto is effecting deep structural changes still and the landscape of your life will be different by the time the last of the square aspects between Uranus and Pluto take effect in mid March 2015, before the next set of eclipses come along. Pluto is subtle and manipulative, it will allow things and situations to die out before new challenges can be accepted. This again mirrors the nature of this South Node eclipse, it doubles or even triples the power of it in my estimation. Mountains can literally be flattened, ground can be cleared, emotional attachments can be let go.

Saturn in Scorpio is square to Jupiter, so this holds things back just a touch and it won’t allow us to go completely mad in our aims. This limitation on such an expansive and go ahead chart is very much needed and it will curb the excesses, make our plans that bit more realistic. Saturn will put the brakes on the train as it speeds along the tracks, it will put a red light in front of us to steady our progress. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio at the time of the eclipse and trine to Neptune. Mercury in Scorpio is quite ruthless in the way that it allows us to make firm decisions, but maybe it isn’t the best idea to start anything new just yet. Yes, review what is going on and keep all your fresh ideas hidden away for a while, store them for a rainy day. It is a good time though to cut anything that is already in progress if it is not serving out needs. Again I return to that junked up attic – start clearing your life out and you will clear, freshen up and recalibrate your mind too!! Mercury trine to Neptune is very inspirational and intuitive and you should use your instincts to work out what needs to be done. Logic will lose out to your gut feelings all day long while Mercury and Neptune are in Scorpio and Pisces, both very intuitive water signs.

So what to expect in the world around us in the wake of this eclipse? The eclipse and Uranus on the star Alpheratz put any technology, scientific projects, vehicles like rockets and airplanes in severe danger in the next few months. There is a risk and reward feeling that I get. If you want to go out on a limb then do so, but you could court disaster in the process. Any events connected to exploration, speed, or any expansive projects could be either wildly successful, or could explode completely. The same goes for the major hotspots around the world. The most abundant elements are fire and water, so we have much enthusiasm and emotion going on but there is only one planet in an earth sign on this chart and that is Pluto. The powerful destructive forces are on the the ground, hidden away doing it’s thing, destroying buildings and structure, administration and infrastructure and with all the will and enthusiasm in the world, a firestorm is not going to push Pluto off course. This metaphor can be used for the situation in the Middle East. Until the world puts boots on the ground, no amount of bombing and cruise missiles is going to deter and shift ISIS (or ISIL if you prefer) from it’s current course of action.

world map

From the map of the eclipse above you can get an idea of the regions of the world that may be most affected by the eclipse. Western Africa up through Cameroon and Eastern Nigeria, into Mali and Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, Central Europe and into Scandinavia may see changes and difficult maybe shocking events as the eclipse and Uranus will be on the IC of all the charts of the places I mentioned.

Saturn will be on the MC of anywhere in the horn of Africa, up through Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Caucuses and into Central Russia, so the rule of law and a harsh attitude will prevail here and on the IC of the Koreas, Papua New Guinea and Eastern Australia. Here the opposition to the administration to these places may hold the upper hand for a while.

The eclipse point will be on the Ascendant of many of the South East Asian countries including Thailand and you may find some upheaval there. Pluto on the Ascendant runs through Central Africa into Egypt, Turkey and eastern edge of Ukraine. Something destructive or transformational could occur in these countries. Neptune on the Ascendant hits Los Angeles and California, so does this signify that the awful drought there will at last come to an end with a torrent of rain!!  

Finally the eclipse on the IC runs through Chile, Peru, Colombia, the centre of the Caribbean and up into New England and Eastern Canada. Again expect the unexpected, maybe sudden and shocking events.

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