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Tennis US Open Men's Final 2014 - Who is gonna win, Marin Cilic or Kei Nishikori?


Cilic 1

I has a look at Kei Nishikori yesterday and today I look at the potential fortunes of Marin Cilic, the conqueror or Roger Federer in the 2nd semi final. He is a Libran, born 28 Sept 1988 in Medjugorie, Bosnia (no birth time). Anyone born in that part of the world had a tough upbringing in the 90's with war raging all around in the 90's and his chart is quite a challenging one. Despite all this, he has the battled through to make it to the pinnacle of the Men’s tennis circuit, and for that he deserves great credit.

MarianCilic natal

Marin is a Libran and his Sun is part of a grand cross that sits on his natal chart. The Sun is opposed to sporting Mars in Aries making him very active and giving him a will to win, it makes a square to his natal Neptune so he creative, intuitive and knows the meaning of sacrifice and also a square to Chiron which shows a bit of a maverick side, but he will also know pain and hurt very well.

He was banned for drug taking a couple of years ago, apparently through a supplement that he took which was unknowingly tainted, and the Neptune Chiron opposition here as part of this grand cross on his chart shows this up very well. Wounding (Chiron) and suffering due to medication (Neptune) affecting him (Sun) and his sporting career (Mars). One quality that those with Chiron square the Sun do have is a tough and determined side, they can overcome the odds stacked against them. Jupiter trines his Sun and is sextile to his Mars therefore his sporting exploits will give him worldwide attention.

There is a lot of intensity on this chart and strong emotions as his Moon potentially opposes Pluto. The Moon in Taurus gives him steady emotions and a good temperament in general but every so often I suspect he will do something irrational or silly, just though obsession or because he can't help himself. This again is shown through his Uranus Saturn conjunction sextile to Mercury. He will have good reactions and he will normally be disciplined but that Uranus influence can either be brilliant or unpredictable. I don't suppose he knows what he will do from one day to the next and I feel that when he is on a roll he will be unstoppable, but at other times he will get bogged down and will lack the inspiration needed to beat the very best opponents. With this Mercury in egalitarian Libra I don't see a truly ruthless side to him that the very top guys have. He may be happy to use his physical assets to get him 95% of the way. He is 6ft 6in or 1.98m tall and he has a booming serve, but does he have the killer instinct and the agility to kill off just as determined opponents? Is this going to be enough?

MarianCilic transits

In looking at the two ahead of the final tomorrow, Cilic has the Pisces full Moon directly hitting his North Node and this could be a really good or bad omen for him. Will it be the breakthrough and reveal a champion in the making, or will the Sun on his South Node drain his energy? Mars is making a square to his natal Venus is sparky and transiting Jupiter squares Pluto, so anything may be possible for him. The other big downside for him is that Mercury will square that Neptune Chiron opposition and this may restrict his speed and movement. It this the influence of the quicksilver Nishikori who opposes him across the net?


I looked at Kei Nishikori yesterday. He has the same Jupiter square to Pluto as Cilic has so no advantage here as they are of a similar age but he has far more powerful transits (see yesterday) and the Pisces Full Moon makes easy going trines to his natal Capricorn stellium, and on that basis I take Nishikori to win, maybe in 4 or 5 sets.


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