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New Moon 24th Sept 2014 – A chance to push forward at last.


new moon libra

Another new Moon arrives on Wednesday this week, the last one before the Autumnal eclipse season begins. Any new Moon can give us the chance for a fresh start to things, an opportunity to place down a marker for the future and to set out our some of our intentions for the coming months. This new Moon lands in the sign of relationships, balance and equality, Libra.


There is something a little different and special about this up and coming New Moon. It arrives at 1 degree Libra on 24th September at 7.13 London time or 02.13 in the morning in New York. The degree point for this new Moon is important as it is conjunct to a cardinal point, just 1 degree from the beginning of a cardinal sign. As new Moons go, I think that this one will prove to be a very pro-active one. The new Moon in Libra will obviously highlight relationship issues and in particular the formation of partnerships. There may also be ramifications for existing ones, as you may be looking for fairness, equality or justice for yourself in relation to someone else. Any relationship that has been in trouble may be pushed to the edge by this new Moon but there is a chance for a new start, if you allow it to happen. The need here to set things right and to literally go for it and in doing so you might encourage actions that have until now has been held off or postponed.

The New Moon makes one significant aspect a quindecile to Uranus in the opposite sign of Aries. Quindeciles are very focused and almost obsessive aspects and the feeling I get here is shock individual action or unexpected events to shake up a partnership. I am not advocating a clean break although it may be necessary in some cases. No maybe you can do something new to bring a partner out of their slumber, to make them realise that things cannot keep on going as they are. This could be an aspect of revitalisation, of breathing in new energy into something that has gone stale. I get a feeling of being cruel to be kind through this aspect, doing something tough or radical that may hurt initially but will help in the long run.

The other big story on this chart is Pluto. On the day before this new Moon, Pluto turns direct at 11 degrees Capricorn. Pluto has been retrograde since mid April and during that time it will have been breaking down some structure in our lives from the inside in preparation for a new start. Now if there is anytime, now is a good moment to effect more changes for our future personal growth. In tandem with Uranus through the square that these two planetary bodies are still in, we can now make another radical move in a situation that has been developing for the past two years. This slow dance between Pluto and Uranus has slowly been changing our lives, hopefully for the better, and yet the connection between them and thus the transformative power that they bring still has a little way to go. We have two more exact square aspects in December and March next year, and only then will the picture be clearing and we will see the road we have to travel stretched out ahead before us.

The urge to be expansive and to do something different is encouraged more through a lovely lucky and rather unpredictable fire trine from Jupiter in Leo to Uranus in Aries. New ideas may flow now and you can begin initiatives that can affect people on a wide scale. Anything to do with technology or science, social issues, ones of learning, teaching, publication, faith and travel will be especially highlighted. Mars in Sagittarius will be still be in a separating square to Neptune bringing a very futuristic and creative side to the energy associated with this new Moon. You can promote and push forward your artistic ideas, anything you created or wish to make can be promoted, advertised or started, you can act out your dreams and make fantasies into a real project to work on in the future. The two mutable faith signs, Sagittarius and Pisces are being initiated here and this might be a time when you find new beliefs in your life, the values that you have been living under may be slowly adjusting and changing and you may be more active in pursuing them.

I haven’t mentioned Saturn and it is impossible ever to ignore the planet of limitation. What is it doing on this chart? Saturn over the next few weeks will start receive a square from Jupiter, so just have in the back of your mind that anything begun may well have to be scaled back a little when this square aspect is completed. That will not happen for a while though as Jupiter will not catch up Saturn before it slows to a station in December 2014 before going retrograde again. Saturn is also in separating sextile to Venus in Virgo. There may have been frustrations that came to a head over the last weekend (20th and 21st) over relationships and/or money and you may have had to analyse where you were in order to make some sensible decisions. The new Moon is in one of Venus’ signs so anything you decide to do now will be hopefully touched by the realism that Saturn brings with it.

I think this is going to be quite a beneficial new Moon. We can find creative solutions to important issues affecting us, radical ideas that can move us on but not so different that they will shock others around you, I think they will be almost expecting them to come. In a year of turmoil and tumult, this New Moon really does bring hope that we can set the balance right, find truth and equality for yourself and bring an opportunity to set you on a new path of discovery in the process. The seasons are turning at this point and so are you. It’s time to enter this autumn season with a positive attitude and with hope in your heart.


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