Saturday, 6 September 2014

Kei Nishikori - Taking the tennis world by storm


What a result. The Japanese tennis player Kei Nishikori this afternoon amazingly beat world number 1 Novak Djokovic in four incredible sets at the US Open to become Japan's first ever men's grand slam finalist. Kei has been steadily improving but this is certainly his breakthrough moment and it will delight a nation that has never had a male tennis player of any note.

KeiNishikori natal

Kei born on 29th December 1989 (Matsue, Japan - no birth time) has a pretty amazing chart with a huge 6 planet stellium in Capricorn opposed by optimistic Jupiter in Cancer. The Sun sits in close contact with Uranus, so he is a true individual with his own style and way of doing things. Neptune and Saturn sit together and this allows him to make his dreams real. I suspect he can visualize something and then make it tangible just as he envisages it, this aspect gives him imagination and shot making ability. Along with the fast reflexes that the Sun and Uranus together blesses him with, it is a fantastic combination for a sportsman to have. The Moon in Capricorn is serious and responsible and he will never let his emotions out to show weakness. Much will be carried on his shoulders with this position and now the whole of Japan will be transfixed by a new sporting hero.

That Jupiter sits at the point of a quite energetic and talented Yod connected to Mars in Sagittarius which is very outgoing and wanting to expand one's horizons and Venus in Aquarius which has star quality and a tough of creative genius about him. This my friends is a star in the making, and his reputation is rising fast. Jupiter and it's link to making your name internationally energizes his Sun, Uranus Neptune and Saturn. He is sure to be known worldwide.

KeiNishikori transits 6914

Right now, Kei has transiting Pluto sitting on his natal Neptune. I have watched recently as first the UK and then Russia had this aspect and they took on the Olympic Summer and Winter games and both did them brilliantly. This conjunction between the two outermost planets does really put one into the spotlight and it combines power control and vision rolled into one. With this aspect you can seize the moment and run with it.

At the same time, transiting Saturn is sitting on his natal Pluto. This is another powerhouse conjunction which brings your ambitions and condenses them into one beautiful moment in time. Here is the chance to jump several rungs of the ladder of life, you gain power over your ambitions, you can achieve anything and move mountains if you put you mind to it. He has stormed up the tennis rankings in 2014 and rapidly reached number 10 in the world. He is destined to go higher. The clincher here is that his Pluto at 16 Scorpio is exactly square to his nodal axis at 16 Aquarius/Leo. Saturn is activating this axis and his life's destiny through hard work and dedication. At the same time Saturn is making a opportunistic sextile to his Neptune Saturn conjunction bringing him a chance to make his name and to put his reputation up in lights.

With these aspects in tow I tell you he could easily win the final and shock the tennis world to it's core. Good luck to him...

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