Friday, 5 September 2014

Happy Birthday Raquel Welch - 74 years old!

Raquel Welch

How is it possible to look this good at 74 years of age? Well Astrology does not only affect your past present and future but it also can affect the way you look too. With the assistance of the planets (and maybe the odd high quality plastic surgeon) it is possible to look 30 years younger. Let me explain using Raquel as an example.

WelchRaquel natal

Raquel is a Sun sign Virgo born in Chicago in 1940 and from her picture she looks as if she is still in her mid 40's. How does she do it? Well her chart is ruled by Jupiter, she has a Sagittarian Ascendant and on her chart, Jupiter sits in the sign of Taurus next to Saturn. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and so you could say that her physical image (Ascendant/Jupiter) shows long lasting (Saturn) beauty (Taurus/Venus). I think the key here is the fact that both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde so therefore not moving forward and maturing or aging, they hold onto their properties. The two planets also sit in her 6th house of health, so here is the other connection to her appearance, strong health too. These two planets makes a triple trine to a very active Sun Mercury Mars conjunction in Virgo, so she will have a quick sharp mind, be adventurous, very self critical and very much a perfectionist. She will live on her nerves quite a bit and I wouldn't mind betting she is quite demanding at times, as most Virgos can be.

Her Midheaven or point of career is also ruled by Venus in Cancer thus how she looked was very important to her image and work and Venus itself sits with Chiron in her hidden transformational 8th house conjunct to Pluto. Pluto rules her 12th house of hospitals and clinics therefore there is the suggestion to me that a lot of secret changes and cosmetic surgery has gone on away from the prying eyes of the world to keep her looking young and fresh. Chiron here suggests a lot of wounding, suffering and healing away from the world at large to protect (Cancer) her looks (Venus). This would be a intensely emotional thing for her with Venus square to her Moon in Scorpio ruling the 8th house, the need for the control of her image would be absolutely paramount.

Neptune in her 9th house conjunct to her Midheaven or point of career shows the link to films; Neptune rules the world of films, illusion and imagination. This Neptune makes a trine to Uranus and Venus sits at the midpoint of these two planets. The trine is one connecting the arts and the scientific world and these are above all the two planets of social consciousness connecting the modern world (Uranus) to the mystic and ancient one (Neptune). This is a trine for all the ages and Venus at the midpoint shows an almost mystical and timeless beauty that she possesses. Wherever you are in the world, whatever your religion, ethnicity or belief and whatever you views are about how women should appear, you cannot deny that Raquel has glamorous star quality and a look that is still fresh and has truly stood the test of time.


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