Monday, 29 September 2014

China - Protests on the rise in Hong Kong, but will they succeed?


A little mundane Astrology for you this morning just to show that I am still doing it. Overnight there have been stand-offs and chaos in Hong Kong as pro-democracy protesters stand up against Chinese government policy to vet every candidate for the coming elections in 2017. Effectively the Chinese want to control who can stand for office, whereas many of the people in Hong Kong want free and fair elections.

China 1989

These protests are being fuelled by Uranus, as were the Tiananmen Square ones back in 1989. Then Uranus was opposing the natal Chinese Uranus and a difficult Saturn Neptune conjunction was making a square to the South Node Mercury and Neptune conjunction in the Chinese 8th house of control and change. This conjunction sits at 13 to 16 degrees Libra. I think that they failed as transiting Chiron was sitting on the natal Uranus wounding the protesters attempts to push for change.

Now transiting Uranus is in Aries directly opposing the Libran conjunction of Neptune, Mercury and South Node, and Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn starting to make a tighter and tighter square to them is moving direct now on course for these degrees by early next year. The protests and chaos is being caused because of anger against potentially rigged elections in the future. You can see the issues here, revolt (Uranus) against future elections (Mercury) which will be under a cloud of smoke, mirrors and deception (Neptune).

China transits 29914

Things are only going to get worse I feel in the next weeks because the Lunar Eclipse on the 8th October is going to be at 15 degrees Aries, conjunct to Uranus and directly opposing that little stellium. Emotions are going to get high over this in the months to come especially as Uranus is going to be around this degree point (12-16 degrees) until Feb/March next year. We still have 2 Uranus Pluto squares to come at 12 degrees of cardinal signs in December and at 15 degrees cardinal in March 2015. That last one could be really interesting although I fear a nasty backlash against the protesters. Remember, Uranus is being eclipsed next week, the protesters are suffering here!! They may fight and want a free and fair vote but a planet eclipsed often is very debilitated. This is a South Node Lunar eclipse too, so I fear a bad and difficult outcome for those who wish for democracy.

We have a wonderful fire trine in the mid degrees of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, one of freedom, action, expansion and taking a risk and it is directly going to be impacting on the brutal Mars Pluto conjunction in the Chinese 7th house of open enemies. You can see a potential conflict coming, can't you? Those wanting freedom and more democracy in China clashing against the might of the Chinese police and maybe the military too. This could get quite heated in Hong Kong, a city that has been free to the influences of the world since the British ruled it in 1843. The genie escaped the bottle in those days, and it thus stands to reason that Hong Kong is going to be a thorn in the side of the Chinese for many years to come. I hope that cool heads prevail, but with the planetary situation looking red hot in the first two weeks of October as the eclipses arrive, I can see action, force and aggression overcoming the voices of reason and debate.

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