Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio - Reaching the end of the line.


Bridge ending

In the heavens above us, Mars and Saturn are closing in on a conjunction, they connect exactly on 25th August 2014. These two planets join up every 2 to 2 and a half years and when they do, they often have a dramatic effect. These are the two driving forces of the zodiac, Mars the planet of action and force, the planet that gives us drive, motivation and aggressive intent. Saturn is the planet of limitation and loss, of taking time (which Mars doesn’t do) and of holding us back. These two planets are completely opposite in the way that they go about things so there is going to a battle of wills in the sign of Scorpio in the next week.


In looking at this conjunction for you, I went back to basics. I pulled out my old trusty book from Reinhold Ebertin “The Combination of Stellar Influences”. What did he say and write. He mentioned that this was “harmful and destructive energy, inhibited or destroyed vitality”. About the conjunction of these two forces he wrote “ A tendency to be injured, a mostly destructive or pernicious form of energy”. He makes perfect sense as always. The driving force of Mars is stopped in it’s tracks when it comes up against Saturn. Saturn is the stronger planet here, as it is the slower moving one, it puts a roadblock up that Mars cannot get past. Mars will get frustrated, angry even violent because no progress is being made. Often this can lead to clashes, between the irresistible force and the immovable object. In this scenario, we do have harm that can be done, we have inhibited energy, we have destroyed vitality.

It is important to notice the sign that this conjunction occurs in, Scorpio. The sign of all or nothing, control, power, brutality, sharing, jealousy, manipulation, life and death. The battle of wills that is occurring is going to be coloured by Scorpionic values, so something will have to end before we can start a new cycle, something has to die before ambition can be reborn again. We have to get to then end of the line in an area of our life. This is going to be a difficult process, one of potential heartbreak, of injured pride or dreams unfulfilled. You may run into opposition from authority or get in trouble, people might stand in your way, give you ultimatums, tell you that you cannot go on any further. There is a finality about much that will happen here. This conjunction when it finally makes contact is going to be square to Venus, therefore matters of relationships and finances are especially going to be under scrutiny and may cause furious disagreement.

Not everything is bad about Mars conjunct Saturn though, if you can use this aspect as a motivating factor. Saturn can refine and limit the energy used, define the scope of what can be achieved. Using the nature of Scorpio which is to pressure, focus and intensify, you turn an ambition or an idea it into something very powerful or beautiful. Now could be a time where you decide which way to go, eliminate all the spare capacity from your life, cut a lot of dead wood and direct everything to what will work for you, what you can move forward with. Using the limitation of Saturn intelligently to hone and to perfect, like a stone mason making a wonderful statue out of a block of granite. Patience and calmness is needed now but it will not easy to find, especially with the storm or the maelstrom that is whirling out of control around you.

The moral of Mars conjunct Saturn is try try to use the disappointments and restrictions you will face to change your life. It will be hard for all of us, this is difficult energy to control and to face up to but opportunity knocks wherever you look, even in the most dire of situations. Be brave, be strong, be calm and collected and be ready to go again. This may be the end of one race, but a new one is just about to begin…

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