Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mars conjunct Acrux and Alphecca - Getting it right or being lucky, but paying a price for it too.



This double conjunction occurs at 12.04 & 12.40 degrees Scorpio and is effective from now until the 18th August.

After the rush of sad news from Hollywood, back to the normal stuff of looking at the planets as they connect with the most prominent stars in the sky. In the next days Mars moving on in Scorpio hits two stars on the same degree, Acrux in Crux, the constellation of the Southern Cross and Alphecca, the star in Corona Borealis, the crown of flowers. Acrux is first and this is a star of power, money and materialism and therefore I suspect that those with assets and strong foundations behind them will be assertive and forceful in their actions. I also think that positive intentions now can set you on the road to making some money and gaining some influence, even in a fortunate sense.

There is as ever with the stars a catch and that comes in the form of the other star on this degree Alphecca. This star has always been one where you can get all the trappings that life can offer you and you can enjoy them to the full, but there will be a huge price to pay after you have exhausted all of them. The initial connection to this star will allow you to have everything you want, love, luck, money, whatever you desire, but it will not last. Often there is a cliff that people seem to fall off when they have links to this star, and the fall can be a long and a hard one. Poor Robin Williams is such a case in point. He had this star on his ascendant and despite having everything he could ever want, there was that sadness in his eyes and he did fall off that cliff a couple of times. With Alphecca, there is not a choice and you will have to accept that success comes with a price of either failure afterwards or learning the tough way from errors of judgement that you make in the the wake of you initial decisions.

Around the world, if you see people celebrating this weekend, take it with a pinch of salt. Be in the knowledge that whatever is achieved now may in the weeks ahead be a false dawn, a hollow victory masking the truth about how it was really won. What is gained today can be lost tomorrow, on the spin of a wheel you can lose it all. You may win the battle but not win the war. Stay humble, keep your feet on the ground and know that if you get lucky, you should avoid the temptations that come with your fortune.

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