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Lauren Bacall – A lady not to be messed with.


Lauren Bacall

It’s been a tough week in tinsel town and another one of their leading lights has departed the stage. Lauren Bacall was a formidable lady. I saw her only once when I was working at Heathrow Airport, maybe 7 years ago or so. Even then at 82 years of age there was a presence to her, still very glamorous and you could just tell that she had a no nonsense attitude. This was one tough lady who played it straight. She passed away from a massive stroke after living a fulfilling and exciting life. She reached the grand old age of 89, and now she passes through the pearly gates to once again star alongside her partner in crime, Humphrey Bogart.


Lauren was a New Yorker, born in the Bronx on 16th September 1924 at 2.00am according to her official biography. Her Virgo Sun was complimented by a very straight forward Aries Moon sitting in the 10th house of her career opposed by Saturn just into fixed Scorpio squaring onto her Cancerian Ascendant, a t-square formation that dominated her natal chart. My word, can’t you see the strength she exuded from these positions alone? The Moon in Aries in the 10th house is very much an “I’m taking charge position”, especially when opposed to a Saturn in Scorpio which would impel her to be tough, strong and to demand the truth all the time. If she didn’t get what she wanted, especially at work, I suspect there would have been a volcanic eruption of a temper as the intensity and emotion of the Aries Moon opposite the Scorpio Saturn aimed in on her Cancer Ascendant kicked in. She knew what she wanted and god help you if you didn’t provide it.

Where did she get this from? Her Mother I bet you? All Cancerian Ascendants are close to their mother and Lauren would not have been different. I see tough love here and someone who stood up to young Lauren. In the same way, she needed a man who did the same. You will notice that Saturn sits opposite her natal Chiron ruling her 7th house of permanent partners with Capricorn on the cusp of this house. She would have wanted someone who could take charge of her, a man who was older and stronger and in Humphrey Bogart she found him, although when she appeared at the film studios for her first ever picture “To Have and Have Not” she was disappointed to find out that she was playing opposite Bogart, and not Cary Grant!! The love affair she had with Bogart who was 25 years her senior (Saturn showing the older partner) turned into marriage (7th house) but tragedy struck when he passed away in 1957 aged only 58 from cancer. There is Chiron causing hurt and wounding in her relationships.

Her Sun in Virgo was conjunct to Mercury in the same sign and opposed Uranus, and this was a sign of a distant father or one who was independent or broke away, and indeed at 6 years of age, her parents split leaving her to live with her mother. The opposition Uranus in Pisces from Sun and Mercury retrograde in Virgo indicated her to be a very independent woman (which she inherited from her father), very sharp talking and I can imagine she would cut down to size anything she disagreed with or anyone who annoyed her. This was a lady who was razor sharp in her criticism and would speak only when she had something meaningful to say. I have noticed this with anyone with Mercury retrograde in their charts, they don’t do small talk. Uranus in Pisces is very creative and innovative and this transferred into the way she expressed herself. I bet she was a very intelligent and interesting woman to chat to.

This Mercury Uranus opposition squared onto Jupiter in her 5th house in Sagittarius. This is a wonderfully fun and expansive Jupiter, willing to take a chance or a risk, generous in one’s love not only to those you adore but also to one’s children too; I am sure she lavished them with all she could give. This square connecting the 3rd, 5th and 9th houses promised international travel galore and a jet set lifestyle that I am sure she loved. The other side of this opposition aimed in on Pluto in her 12th house through a trine and sextile from Uranus and Mercury. There was a hidden mystery about Lauren, something you couldn’t put your finger on, as if there were troubles and secrets bubbling under the surface, but she would hide them. She would be always digging for the truth in the way she asked questions, and when she spoke she had this dark smoky voice that had the influence of Pluto all over it. Pluto also made a square into her Aries Midheaven, her point of career. I can imagine when she was on set, everything stopped and she took control. In the eyes of the public, she was seen as a sex symbol, unapproachable and mysterious and that look she created with chin down and eyes staring forward could not be ignored. That’s the power of Pluto for you.

When she was young Lauren was a model, and it was a cover photo on the front page of Harper’s Bazaar that caught the eye of film director Howard Hawks. Her looks certainly came from the Astrology on her chart. Virgos are very neat and clean cut and have an earthy charm and her first house Venus in confident Leo affecting the way she looked made a grand fire trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Aries Midheaven. This is not just smoking hot, this is a raging inferno of beauty, and it is representative of a woman who knew damn well that she was very attractive too. She would not be slow in coming forward and she would have been drawn to the same kind of men, the kind who could be a king, as she was the queen.

Her Neptune in Leo representing the film world sat next to her North Node in her 2nd house of making money opposite Mars in the 8th house in Aquarius. Her destiny was to be creative, to act, to be in films as the icy cool yet totally glamorous sex symbol. Mars retrograde in the 8th house in Aquarius screams, I am different, I am edgy, I am gonna give you a wild night of untamed passion, yet I’m gonna lead you on, tease you and not let you get close until I decide the time is right!! Mars of course ruled her Midheaven with Aries sitting there, so it is obvious that this was the role shat she was born to play. Give her a lot of credit, she performed it to perfection as any Virgo would, and due to her looks and her talent, she became one of the leading ladies of Hollywood for many a long year.   

Lauren leaves us with a legacy of magical films from the bygone days for us to remember, from “The Big Sleep” to “Key Largo” and “How to Marry a Millionaire”. In 2009 she was given an academy award "in recognition of her central place in the Golden Age of motion pictures." She well deserved her place in the pantheon of Hollywood greats. Thank you Lauren for royally entertaining us all.


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