Friday, 1 August 2014

Israel Hamas ceasefire - The forces of calm win over the need for aggression, for now…


Hi everyone. Today, the 1st August is the day of my solar return, my actual birthday is tomorrow and the skies above us show today is a day of contrasts and calmer waters to swim in. The main connection and action today as this ceasefire kicks in and talks begin is at 16 degrees of Cancer where Venus is moving, 16 degrees of Scorpio with Saturn and 16 degrees of Aries where we find Uranus.


Venus as the planet of relationships, money, resources, values and what we are attracted to is being pulled two ways today. Firstly it is making an easy, unspectacular trine with Saturn, so here is energy backing solid, stable relationships, being careful with your cash and making careful but unexciting decisions. This aspect is the equivalent of sitting at home on the sofa with a warming cup of hot chocolate watching soap operas. On the other hand, Venus makes a square aspect to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and doing your own thing. In this aspect we may be drawn in dealing and meeting up with people who are a little bit dangerous but none the less talented, spending our hard earned cash on something new and exciting but maybe not so practical, or you may just feel like you want to go out and have a great time on your own and getting a little bit drunk in the process. You may want to go out and enjoy yourself and do something wild and crazy, but your conscience will be holding you back, holding you back, holding you back...

These aspects seem pretty balanced against each other in an uneasy truce exactly as we have now holding in the Middle East. The Moon today is being judge and jury in Libra continuing the theme of balance and equality. Israel and Hamas are sitting out in a 72 hour ceasefire waiting for the other side to jump first. Venus if you remember is the planet of diplomacy, and she is in the nationalistic, security based and historically linked sign of Cancer holding sway over the big boys in the skies (Uranus and Saturn) who want to get at each other's throats again through the inconjunct aspect that they are currently in. Venus will move out of the way in a day or two and and you might think that the gloves may be off when she does and the Moon enters Scorpio, but as I will explain another aspect is coming along to put some water on the raging fire.

Looking at the other planets, Mars is still making a very close square to Jupiter in the skies as well both at 3 degrees Scorpio and Leo respectively and it is well worth considering that the Israeli Moon sits at 4 degrees Leo too, therefore Mars making a square to it is only going to rattle their mood yet more. This square is adventurous and one of stretching yourself to the limit, of taking a risk, reaching out and trying to achieve more and more. With the impasse holding elsewhere in the skies, this is a very frustrated and irritated Mars square Jupiter, a finger on the trigger kind of aspect for today.

As I mentioned, there is one other calming aspect that is starting to form and that also comes from Mars as it moves closer to a trine to serene yet foggy Neptune in Pisces. Neptune for the time that this aspect is active will lessen the need for action and violence and for taking urgent decisions. Here we will have a calm descending as Venus is doing to Saturn and Uranus, however with Neptune, there is always something going on out of sight and out of mind. Hidden preparations are being made now, actions are not seen but being taken anyway, misdirection is rife, lies are being told, sacrifices are being made. Because things calm down under Mars trine Neptune, it doesn't mean they are getting any better. Neptune dissolves and lessens your energy, lulls you into a false sense of security, weakens your will and drive to succeed. Don't be fooled that the crisis is over. It isn't but the heat is being taken out, for now at least.

All in all, what we have now is a holding pattern that is going to be active for a few days. Maybe a rest bite for a while, a breather, a time to take stock and recover. After the week of high competition and action with the hot Mars square to the Sun, an aspect now dissipating, we need it...

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