Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Venus conjunct Betelgeuse and Polaris - Making important relationships and going in the right direction.


Venus conjunct Betelgeuse and Polaris - Making important relationships and going in the right direction.

This aspect is active tomorrow and lasts until Friday 18th July at 28.46 and 28.57 degrees Gemini.

Do you feel the energy and the positivity that is flooding in now? As Mars and the North Node leave the star Arcturus behind, Venus moves onto the final degree of Gemini and connects with Betelgeuse in Orion and Polaris, the pole star in Ursa Minor, the little bear. This is a fabulous set of connections for making significant and beneficial relationships. I don't get truly positive unless there is a reason to do so, but now the people to meet and connect with will provide you with opportunities to expand your lives and to bless you with potential success.

Betelgeuse is one of the luckiest stars in the skies sitting in the shoulder of Orion. George Noonan said about Betelgeuse that " the star is indicative of great fortune, martial honours and "kingly" attributes". There is on downside though. He also said that "war and carnage are presaged by Betelgeuse" and I fear that in the West Bank and Israel, this connection will precede nasty events connected to a relationship that is once again turning sour.

Polaris is a star used by sailors and explorers to determine which direction one is going, and thus this star as links to path finding and guiding us. I think the people we meet with on these two days will help us along the route of life that we want to go and maybe should be going. You may also get instruction or advise about how to use your money and possessions in the best way possible. This double connection I see as a good time to sort out financial arrangements and to make agreements with those who will help you in the future. One thing to note as well about this aspect. Venus is a planet of style and beauty and with the very focused nature of Polaris going in one direction, you may get bogged down for a day or two into an argument of style over substance.

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