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The United States – Why doing Astrology for the US nation is shrouded in mystery.


One issue has always caused more debate in Astrological circles than any other in my view is what time was the United States actually created? The founding fathers in signing and declaring the Declaration of Independence never gave an exact time of it's inception and acceptance, and so Astrologers have never been able to cast an accurate Astrological chart for the US. There are many points of view, with the US either having a Gemini, Sagittarian or Scorpio Ascendant being the most popular. As an Astrologer, I still have an open mind, but I am hoping that a coming planetary opposition may give us some vital clues.

What the Astrologers can agree on is that the US Sun sits at 13 degrees Cancer and that at the start of next year, Pluto the planet of enforced change and power will oppose the US Cancerian Sun for the first time in US history. At the same time, transiting Uranus will square the US Sun in a pincer movement that WILL change something in a very dramatic way. The events of this time, especially late December 2014 through February 2015 may through the rulerships on the US chart tell us much more about the past, and of course they will dictate the future too.
I have felt for a long time that the US has either a Sagittarian or Scorpio Ascendant. I completely rule out a Gemini Ascendant, as that would have meant the declaration being made in the middle of the night. Would the founding fathers have wanted to sign the document in complete darkness at 2 o’clock in the morning? Probably not.

USScorpioChart 1115USSiblyChart 1115

There is however one event happening next year that may shows the difficulty us Astrologers have in shining a light on any potential Ascendant. One of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence is for the first time going to travel abroad to shown in the UK at the British Library in London. This you would think is a direct 3rd house to 9th house issue ( 3rd house ruling paperwork to 9th house of issues abroad and higher learning), and on the US Scorpio chart this opposition is highlighted with Pluto the planet of power in the 3rd and the Sun representing the energy and leadership of the nation sitting natally in the 9th house.

So you might think that the US has a Scorpio Ascendant? Well on the Sibly Sagittarian Ascendant chart, the Sun in the 7th house of partnerships opposed by Pluto from the 1st house of the nation also rules the 9th house as well. Have a look on the charts I have attached and you will see the problem. This always seems to happen on whichever US chart I look at and it muddies the waters and makes my job in predicting and explaining events in the US much more difficult that it is with my own country, where we have a definitive time and place for the beginning of the United Kingdom. I think the Scorpio chart opposition is more specific and I tend to side with it on this very significant event next year, however what do you think? I'd like to hear your views and see where the balance of opinion lies out there in internet land.

My question to you is this. Does the US have a Sagittarian Ascendant, the planet of expansion, freedom and liberty or does Scorpio rule the chart, the planet of power, control, of secrets and one where fortunes can rise to great heights before crashing down to earth in a destructive and transformational fall? I am hoping the year 2015, the opposition from Pluto and the square from Uranus to the US Sun will give us and myself a bit more evidence to work on.

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