Monday, 28 July 2014

Libya - tearing itself apart through fractional fighting.


While the eyes of the world have been on flight MH17, Ukraine, Israel and the Gaza strip, in Northern Africa, civil war threatens to tear the country of Libya formally ruled by Colonel Qaddafi to pieces. The situation is so dangerous that the British foreign office have told all Britons to leave the North African nation and the Americans recently pulled their people out too.

Libya transits jul14

Libya formed on 24th Dec 51 - Tripoli at 00.00 hrs has transiting Uranus right now exactly opposing (orb 0.01 degrees) the Libyan Mars at this minute, therefore there is unpredictable and dangerous fighting going on. That Uranus moving in the 8th house of inevitable change is trine to the natal Mercury, the chart and Midheaven rulers therefore revolutionary forces have a hold on this country and it's leadership too; civil war and anarchy is taking over. Uranus also opposes administrative Saturn heaping more pressure on this nation as the rebel planet forces shocking change on the way the country is run.

The pain and wounding to this nation is obvious with transiting Chiron now bang on the Descendant hitting all angles of this chart as well as making a square aspect to that all important Mercury. Pluto the planet of opposes the 10th house Uranus, ruling the 6th house of the services including the police and military, so they are being overpowered by a brutal and uncompromising force.

With Jupiter making a favourable trine to the natal Jupiter in the 7th house of relations with foreign neighbours, many of the representatives and diplomatic staff of other countries have had a window to get out of Libya before all hell does break loose in Tripoli and Benghazi, the two largest cities.

If this civil war does eventually leave a power gap, what or who will fill it? Well with the North Node (the point of fate and destiny) moving onto spiritual Neptune, military Mars and administrative Saturn in close conjunction, will it be a hard line religious group? I have a nasty feeling that ISIS or a Islamic military group aligned to it's brutal and conservative values (Neptune, Mars and Saturn in 2nd house of personal values) may see this moment as an opportune one to spread it's wings yet further. Of course, as a major oil producing country, Libya is a huge prize. This is one to keep an eye on...

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