Wednesday, 25 June 2014

World Cup Astrology - Luis Suarez - A time bomb waiting to go off...

luis suarez

Yesterday saw an appalling incident as brilliant but unpredictable Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez bit one of his Italian opponents. He has form doing this kind of behaviour as he has twice before been banned from football for biting, first when he played for Dutch club Ajax and more recently for his current employers Liverpool FC.


Luis (24/1/87 - Salto, Uruguay - no birth time) an Aquarian has transiting Mars and Uranus currently sitting on his South Node and North Node respectively and Pluto is squaring these both, thus he was due to do something unusual or bizarre, one could have seen this coming. Transiting Mars was also trine to his natal Chiron which can see hurtful or wounding actions, and transiting Uranus is trine to both Saturn and Venus, thus he is in a creative and inventive phase of his life but will also rebel against lawmakers and the rules.

With transiting Mercury retrograde opposite to his natal Uranus, his mind will have been scrambled at this minute and his judgement probably very impaired, and what he thought as being acceptable will not be in the eyes of many. Uranus as you will know brings unusual or even spiteful acts and Mercury rules the mind and he will not have been thinking straight.

I am a football fan and his behaviour was completely out of order. I hope that the Football authorities throw the book at him. With transiting Saturn inconjunct to his natal Chiron now, this will be highly likely. In a more sympathetic sense, the trine from Mars to Chiron will be highlighting actions that probably hark back to his upbringing and childhood, maybe habits he can’t seem to get out of? The function of the inconjunct to Chiron from Saturn will cause a lot of pain and upset to him, but through it he will know that he will now have to change and adjust to be able to continue his career. This may be the correction he needs to finally clean up his act? Let’s hope so as his considerable talent needs to be focused in the correct direction for the latter part of his career.

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