Saturday, 7 June 2014

Venus conjunct Menkar - Tapping the social conscience


This connection is active on the 9th and 10th June at 14.31 degrees Taurus.

Ah Menkar, the star sitting in the constellation of the great sea monster of the deep oceans, Cetus the Whale. Our fair maiden of the skies is moving into much choppier waters in the next couple of days. Menkar and Cetus represent the consciousness of the human race, those deep forces that hidden away guide people to act as one, for better or for ill. When you get a group of individuals together there will be bickering and argument and often they will not all agree to go in the same direction, but there is safety in numbers.

Think of a shoal of fish swirling in the seas, a flock of birds, a swarm of bees. When they move in tandem it is a beautiful sight, however when they go off in different directions, you can see panic, chaos and mayhem. The nature of Menkar when it connects with a natal or transiting planets to translate and to understand the movements of the collective, to tap into it's motivations although, of course this is not an easy thing to do especially if the group is spread or divided.

Venus is a social planet and her role I think is to challenge collective relationships, their customs and their values. Robson says of this connection that it brings about "strong and uncontrolled passions, jealousy, domestic disharmony and temporary separation" and you may find that international relations take a turn for the worse under this conjunction. Countries who were neighbours, and I am thinking of Russia and Ukraine might start to separate and go their own directions. In your lives if you have personal or relationship planets close to 15 degrees then you might find that your relationships may come under some strain as well. There may be issues of finances or possessions and "who owns what" that come under duress in your lives. Of course if you are creative, and Venus is the planet of beauty, you may make or design something that is appreciated by all who live near or far away. As I said, linking into what others think and want is the lesson of the next couple of days. Either you will get it right and you will benefit enormously, or you will get it wrong, and then all hell will break loose.

By the way, a prime example with Venus conjunct this star is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. He tapped into the collective need for relationships and to share information, and he has made a mint out of it...

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