Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New Moon in Cancer - Felling confident, alive and willing to take a risk.

Holding baloons
This is occurring on 27th June 2014 or 26th June in the US and Americas.

We are approaching a new Moon in Cancer in a couple of day's time occurring at 09.08 hrs London time on Thursday 27th June. This New Moon occurring in the emotional and watery sign of Cancer will accentuate feelings and intuition this time around. As you will know, each new Moon brings a new quality to our lives and poses us a question too. The last new Moon in Gemini asked us what ideas we had and what new thoughts we were considering. This time out the New Moon asks us to look inside ourselves and the consider what we feel, not in just immediate terms within our relationships but also in the wider context about our families and about the past too. What lessons from the past can we apply to our lives now, how can our families help us and how can we strengthen our personal security and the ties between ourselves and the ones we love?


This New Moon makes a trine to Neptune as it's strongest and closest aspect therefore our intuition and imagination is going to play a big role in answering these questions. What does your intuition tell you about the position you are in now? Are you fooling yourself and can you see the wood from the trees? Will you show more compassion to the people closest to you through the formation of this Cancerian new Moon or maybe you should? Will you decide not to face up to the troubles in your life and use escapist tactics to fly away? There is a dreamy quality here in this aspect that will give us the option to let go and float off into the ether.

The picture here still has the difficult Mars Uranus Pluto t-square dominating the picture as it has been throughout the month of June and this is driving forward radical changes and transformations. Just think what has happened in June? Have you been far more self-assertive and have you acted to resolve and update areas of your life just in the past 3 weeks? Pluto is connected to the New Moon in a wide opposition therefore these transitions and adaptations will be connected and enhanced in some way to the decisions we do make on the back of the new cycle starting up now. Saturn is still inconjunct to Uranus, thus the breaking down of structures and worn out things that we are used to and know well will be replaced by different ways of working and by new people in our lives that we will have to adjust to. This is a cycle of renewing and updating that is being offered to us now.

Venus is making a square aspect to Neptune is an incredibly idealistic and romantic aspect and we may get disappointed if and when the goals we set for ourselves aren't reached because we were looking for the perfect solution to the problem or the exact answer we wanted. Maybe it would be an idea to lower the bar this month and set yourself goals that are achievable and doable, so you won't suffer any potential upset?

Lastly Jupiter is isolated and unaspected at the time of the new Moon which will bring a lot of confidence and optimism for the coming weeks, but maybe this will be over optimism bordering on arrogance. Be careful of over extending yourselves and promising more than you can deliver.

This New Moon is setting in stone a summer of expansion, growth and optimism as well as highlighting international, philosophical, legal, religious and faith issues, especially once Jupiter enters the self-righteous and brash sign of Leo. The rise of those who would be king and those who think that they can do better than the powers will be will continue unabated. The problem will all this is that Jupiter unaspected at the time of this New Moon is that it is like continually blowing up a balloon or bubble with so much air that eventually it will burst, and then everything you have been working towards may be destroyed completely. You may in the process come crashing down to earth alarmingly fast. My advise is move forward carefully in a controlled manner, and then you will be able to hold onto all of your gains without so much risk involved

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