Sunday, 22 June 2014

Jupiter conjunct Procyon - Brief opportunities and fleeting success.

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This connection begins on Tues 24th June lasting through until 2nd July at 25.59 degrees Cancer

The star Procyon is the alpha star in the constellation of Canis Minor, the small dog. Procyon rises just before Sirius, a star of immense talent, and this star shows a quick rise in stature but one where the gains will not be held for very long. Like a shooting star, it may wonderful to look at but the spectacle is over just after it's begun. The lesson here is to grab onto anything good you can before it has faded away. In the transition from Procyon to Sirius (the next major star in line) Procyon is also a star of changing from one situation to the next.

This star has generally been held in good regard by the star-watchers of old, and Elsbeth Ebertin followed the idea of Procyon being a star of promise but not very long lasting when she said that it heralded "a rise and successes, but a fall from high position later". Robson in his look at these two bodies together indicated that it brought "many journeys, trouble through relatives and the Church or law, help from friends".

This star does suggest that whatever opportunities and luck that does come along now will be fleeting in nature, however if you grab hold of it while it is there then you may be able to do really well. I think this combination is all about seizing a chance and making the most out of every ounce of talent and fortune that arrives. For example if someone offers you the prospect of doing something new now take them up on it as chances are that you won't be offered again. Just be aware that anything you will achieve won't last forever, so live and enjoy for the moment.
A prime example of someone born with Jupiter conjunct Procyon was Jimi Hendrix. His Jupiter was square to his Midheaven, so the gifts he was given were connected to his career which as everyone knows shot him to worldwide fame for a short while, but as we also all realise his life was cut very short indeed.

In the world around us, the politicians and leaders of the world may get a moment or two make a big difference to affect their nations, however the window of opportunity to make a difference will not be a long one and even if they do make progress and gains now, how long lasting they will be is open to question. Anyone who gains fame and fortune now will be someone who will be in the public eye one minute, then pretty anonymous the next…

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