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The Astrology of the National Rifle Association of the United States


After the appalling shooting by British born Elliot Rodger who killed 6 and injured 6 more in the drive by shooting in California, the latest in a terrible run of incidents in the US, I took the liberty of searching out the date for the formation of the National Rifle Association, the body that has such a hold over politicians and people alike in America. Why is this association so influential and how can it continue to justify people being slaughtered day in day out in the US? The only argument the NRA has is to arm everyone, hiding behind the 2nd amendment of the US constitution allowing all citizens to bare arms in civil defence. My only experience is one of Britain where we banned the ownership of handguns here after a school massacre in Dunblane, Scotland in 1996 and since that time we have not had one similar incident. Yes, not one!!!!!!!

NationalRifleAssoc natal

The NRA was formed on 17th Nov 1871 in Albany, the New York State capital (no time known) because the troops at the time could not shoot very straight. The initial aim of the NRA was to "promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis," and in this regard the newly formed NRA set up a rifle range for sporting purposes.

The chart for that day is very striking. This chart sees a Saturn Mars conjunction sitting on the fixed star Facies, one of the most focused and lethal stars in the universe. Facies sits at the tip of the arrow of the archer in Sagittarius, at the point of a sharp and accurate weapon. Saturn in Capricorn is very administrative and ambitious and Mars represent guns and violence. This is a very determined conjunction, being serious and tenacious in pursuing one's objectives. The conjunction here is very dangerous, obsessive and ruthless in one's aims, and that is how the NRA goes about promoting the use of guns to the US population. The square to Venus in Libra brings a social edge and one of equality too. In the view of the NRA, yes the use of guns should be everyone's right, and if one person has one, to even the balance any potential victim should have one too.

Pluto in fixed Taurus opposes the Scorpio Sun and makes a quindecile to Mercury. This shows that the NRA wants power and influence and will put across it's message widely, in a very subliminal and underground way. Manipulation of the language and the communications that it uses is all part of the drive for influence and power. Taurus as a sign is stoically against change and Pluto in Taurus focuses on one's possessions, ownership and security. This is a fixed opposition to the Sun that is rigid in the extreme, and thus this message will never change.

The set of trines from the Jupiter Uranus conjunction to Mercury and the Sun is very high spirited, is ambitious, free of restrictions and wants to get the message and influence out as wide as possible and that how the NRA has infiltrated all parts of US society. The opposition to the Moon probably in Aquarius indicates a lack of emotion, a cold calculating attitude that is fixed and stubborn in it's ways. The NRA will not be affected to shift it's position by terrible acts, it's not in it's DNA, or in this case in it's natal chart.

Finally Neptune on this chart is unaspected. The NRA will promote a vision of beauty and dreams to everyone, but behind this I think is a web of deception that is very materially based and self-interested. This is a hugely skewed vision that the NRA is giving out and this chart overall very much disturbs me. If you take the US natal chart of 4th July 1776 as a base, then the transiting North Node was exactly on the US Mars when the NRA was created, a sure sign that it's creation would have violent overtones, and over the years such it has proved.

In my personal view, I hate to hear the constant awful stories of shootings in the United States. Ok I am British and some will see this as none of my business, but when innocent kids are being killed and as a humanitarian and a citizen on planet earth, I think my voice should be heard. It is about time that someone, and I am talking about the US President here, took a stand and decreed that the ownership of lethal weapons such as assault rifles should be outlawed forthwith, just as we successfully did in the UK. It's a crying shame that up until now he hasn't. Until any future President is strong enough to take direct action, then unfortunately these atrocities will continue unabated. It's high time for humanity's sake that things changed for the better

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  1. I live in the US. While I understand people becoming upset over children being shot, I think to just ban the weapons is putting a band-aid on hemorrhage. The UK doesn't have 340 million people; the US does. The problems are different. While people bemoan these types of incidences, all of the psychiatric hospitals have been closed (under George W. Bush). Why are these very disturbed people not in appropriate facilities receiving proper care? Also, the people in the UK need to realize this is disaster by design; while everyone is focused on this, and similar wedge issues, no one is watching the rapid monopolization by big box industrialists coupled with ongoing imperialism (and never ending war; which makes the upper class obscenely wealthy) and the destabilization of democratic countries around the world (have you seen what's going on in Thailand in the last couple of days???) Just removing all guns may work in small countries like the UK but as for here, the bad guys will ALWAYS find ways to get them leaving an unarmed and vulnerable citizenry. Let me tell you about my neighbors...

    1. I am not saying ban them but put restrictions on those who can own guns, where they keep them and under what conditions that they can legally use them. That is what we have here in the UK. People can own guns and use them ,such as farmers and gamekeepers etc and there are gun clubs where those who want to shoot can do so perfectly safely. I still maintain that for a country of 60 million not to have one of these major incidents in 17 years since the regulations were imposed is testament to the fact that the system and the laws work. Our police officers do not carry guns, they do have tazers for violent people. Remove the culture of guns from society and the people get more respectful and peaceful as a result...



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