Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Uranus conjunct Alpheratz - Striving for something new.


This conjunction occurs at 14.30 degrees Aries and is active now and until 31st May.

This is an interesting star connection that we haven't seen for the best part of 80 years as Uranus makes contact with the star Alpheratz in the beautiful constellation of Andromeda, which includes the fabulous Andromeda spiral galaxy. Gorgeous, isn't it? You can see the movement and speed of this lovely formation, and this star is very similar. The Greeks saw Andromeda as the beautiful princess and virgin who was chained to the rocks and required a hero to save her. In those legends this was the warrior Perseus, with sword in hand and these two constellations sit side by side in our night's sky. Andromeda is a symbol of female fertility waiting for her lover to come to her side. This star is connected to freedom, to speed and the love of movement. It is a star of independence and it is connected to decisive action.

As you will know, Uranus is the planet of revolution, or overturning the status quo, of challenging authority and looking for a fresh way of doing things, and all of us as this Cardinal Cross is hitting will be motivated to take a look at ourselves in the mirror and to work out where we can start to move ahead. Times have been tough recently and the opportunity to unchain ourselves from the rocks that we have been tied to will be hard to resist. Whether it is getting a new job, making an important decision about a relationship, moving house, sorting your finances out or even changing your personal attitudes, this connection wherever it is is in your chart can see some fresh new air blowing into your life.

I mentioned independence and decisive action, and looking at the world's hot spot in Eastern Ukraine this connection does give a clue to the prevailing mood that will be more and more prevalent in the coming weeks. I think that Eastern Ukraine will fall and eventually separate away, leading in the end to Russian rule. One other prediction that I will make as well. The United Kingdom's North Node is at 14 degrees Aries, and with European elections coming along in May, look for a big anti EU vote to come out on the back of this conjunction. Furthermore, the UK has it's own independence situation to deal with soon, the future of the Union of Scotland with the rest of the UK. This connection will be active as the vote for Scottish independence occurs on 18th September as Uranus returns retrograde to this star. At that point, I see the UK splitting and Scotland voting to go their own separate way. You heard it here first...

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