Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Grand Healing Water Trine of May 2014

Trevi Fountain

Have you been through the mill in the past 4-6 weeks? Have the pressures of the cardinal cross and the eclipses weighed really heavily on you? Fear not now as we are now past the worst of the tension that caused so much grief, yes, salvation is coming. Good vibrations are on their way, if you wish to grab hold of them !!!


This all comes in the form of a lovely gentle and constructive trine very much in the mould of the Grand Water trine of last Summer. At that point we had Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune connecting up the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This time Chiron replaces Neptune and forms the third corner of a lovely stable formation in the water signs. Chiron is a planet of wounding, but also of healing as well and the flowing nature of the closing aspects through this month seem to me to be the perfect antidote to the aggressive nature of the cardinal cross that we have been enduring.

There are two ways that this Grand trine will operate. In a positive way, Saturn in Scorpio shows determined ambition and stability, Jupiter in Cancer indicates expansion, hope, security and wisdom and Chiron in Pisces shows healing from suffering and sacrifice and it's influence can teach us many lessons. A lovely combination I am sure you will agree. The negative manifestation may see Saturn providing traumatic fear and loss, Jupiter again can show expansion and utter complacency and Chiron can provide unlimited wounding and hurt.

It depends on how you want to use the energy here, but I feel that if you use it positively then so much is possible, and you can really move on with your life very dramatically after the traumatic aspects of April 2014. It's time to take a coin, throw it in the non-stop flow of the crystal clear waters of the fountain and make a wish. It can come true, you know...

This grand trine is forming now and will peak in mid month on or around 20th May at 16 - 20 degrees of all the water signs. If you have any planets or angles at these degree points then I urge you to get up and make the best of one of the most positive and beneficial planetary set-ups that we will see this year.

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