Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mars Conjunct Algorab - Fanning the flames of hate and distrust.


This conjunction is now active until 25th April 2014 and is exact at 13:39 degrees Libra.

This conjunction is one of the more difficulty ones in the night skies as Mars the planet of action and force gets to 13 degrees Libra, the degree connected to Algorab, the main star in the constellation of Corvus the Crow.
The crow has always been seen as a messenger of difficult news in mythology and this star is no different as it takes on the attributes of the crow. Crows are clever, cunning, scavengers, see as malevolent and bringers of bad tidings. Connections to this degree point have been proved to be connected to terrorism in the past and the Twin Towers attack had Mercury and the Ascendant bang on this degree. The phrase kill or be killed has been connected to Algorab, sullying the reputation of this difficult star.

Mars arriving here doesn't lessen the danger, especially as it is part of the Grand Cardinal Cross that is almost exact this minute. The torture and murder of a politician in Eastern Ukraine today is classic Mars conjunct Algorab, stirring up tensions even more in the embattled European country. Russia just shrugs her shoulders and watches as the seeds sown at the 15th March new Moon at the time of the Crimea elections grow into vicious and seemingly uncontrollable separatism. These are dangerous times, and this conjunction of Mars on Algorab comes along to add fuel to the fire, just as I predicted last month.

I wonder if this unsettling combination has caused an upset or a radical change in your life as it opposes Uranus, and squares Jupiter and Pluto? Let me know please...

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