Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Donald Sterling – Paying a heavy price for a misguided comment.


If you are an NBA fan, you will have heard that millionaire Donald Sterling, the current owner of the LA Clippers is in very hot water. He apparently told his mistress to stop bringing black guests to the LA Clippers home games. These racist comments reported on 25th April have been widely condemned, and today he received a lifetime ban from basketball, a 2.5 million dollar fine and was also told to sell his team.

DonaldSterling Natal

Sterling born in Chicago, Illinois on 26th April 1934  (no birth time known) is a Sun Taurean with his Moon either in critical Virgo or in more egalitarian Libra. My guess is the former. Taureans are known for their fixed and unswerving nature and their love of the status quo, and Mars in his natal chart sits also in Taurus midway between his Sun and his Uranus in Aries, therefore he will be prone to act impulsively in a strange and rather old fashioned way. He won't want move on and appreciate new attitudes, and may get stuck in the past.

His Mercury sits in direct and uncompromising Aries opposed to Jupiter focusing onto Pluto via a t-square, so it is not surprising that when he speaks it comes out in a brash and uncompromising manner. Put all this together and maybe you can see why the comments that he uttered have caused offense.

DonaldSterling 250414

Now two transiting aspects on his chart really stand out. On and around the 25th April transiting Mercury was making a conjunction to his natal Mars. This is always and impulsive conjunction and course Mercury is connected to language and the things that we speak. This fixed and rather compromised Mars triggered by Mercury hitting would have no doubt caused him to say something hurtful and very unwise, causing in the process a lot of anger.

He also had the transiting South Node sitting on his natal Uranus as well. South Nodal hits to Uranus are tied to unplanned for and unexpected events that can cause us trouble and problems. This is a classic hit for a scandal to surround us, it can tarnish one’s reputation and as Donald will learn to his cost, one stray and misguided comment has cost him a lot of money, and will hang around his neck for the rest of his life.

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