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Deadly Ebola virus spreading in West Africa at a rapid rate.

ebola virus

There is a disturbing situation starting to take hold in Western Africa and looking at the Astrology it is even more perilous. The deadly Ebola virus that can kill up to 90% of all the victims that catch it is spreading at an “unprecedented” rate according  to Médecins Sans Frontières. As I write there is no vaccine for Ebola and thus no cure. The outbreak began recently in Guinea, but it has also been seen in Liberia as well. There have been 5 suspected cases in Sierra Leone and Senegal as a precaution has shut it’s land border. This is a very, very infectious disease and with life in that part of the world being more and more interconnected between West African nations, we could be seeing the seeds of a very nasty situation starting to develop.

EbolaZaireStrain natal

The first reported case of the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus, the one that is currently starting to affect West Africa in 2014 was seen on 26th August 1976 in Yambuku, Zaire, now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ebola is a disease that initially came from a region close to the Ebola river that runs through the DRC. The chart for that day that it was initially diagnosed sees a very tricky mini grand trine. Saturn makes a trine to Neptune and Pluto sits focused at the midpoint of these two planets. As you will remember if you read my blog, Saturn and Neptune when they hook up bring the potential for disease (Neptune) and loss (Saturn). This is a debilitating connection as Neptune dissolves the structure that Saturn normally brings, it weakens and breaks things down. If you put the planet of destruction and death at the midpoint of these two planets, then we have a really difficult situation. The energy of these three planets moves around this mini grand trine without hindrance through the easy going sextiles and trine and suddenly you can imagine that this set-up could produce a deadly disease. Uranus at that time was conjunct to the North Node and square to Saturn, so here we were seeing something unexpected, potentially shocking and new that in time might return unexpectedly. Notice the aspects to the Sun on that day. Uranus through a sextile provides a surprising event, Neptune through a square weakens the solar energy and the square to Jupiter allows expansion.

Now this picture is important if you look at the progressions to it. That progressed and debilitated Sun is now just 0.06 degrees from an exact conjunction with the natal Pluto sitting at the point of the mini grand trine I referred to earlier. Reinhold Ebertin in his wonderful book “The Combination of Stellar Influences” says of Pluto sitting the midpoint of Neptune and Saturn that it brings the potential of a “serious illness”. That progressed Sun is now activating this natal chart.

Guinea natal

The country of Guinea where the latest outbreak of Ebola started was formed at midnight in Conakry on 2nd October 1958 as she gained independence from France. This chart is quite a alarming one if you take the current planetary movements into account.

Guinea has a Cancerian Ascendant and an Aries Midheaven and you can see that the angles of this chart lie between 12 and 14 degrees of the cardinal signs. Yes, they are directly in the firing line of the Grand Cardinal Cross forming at this moment. This chart is also very disturbing for a number of reasons. Firstly look at the Neptune Jupiter conjunction sextile to Pluto, secondly the Pluto quindecile to Chiron and thirdly Uranus opposing Chiron square to the Moon. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th house sextile to Pluto could show the possibility for a widely spreading (Jupiter) illness (Neptune) that could be quite dangerous (Pluto). Pluto making the quindecile to Chiron itself is a nasty connection as Chrion the planet of wounding sits in Pluto’s house, the 8th. Here unfortunately is the possibility for pain and death on a grand scale. Chiron opposing Uranus could suggest suffering (Chrion) that comes unexpectedly (Uranus) affecting the general population (Moon). The Midheaven is ruled by Aries and Mars which rules this sign is squared by Pluto. Here is the signal for a destructive and public event once that Midheaven is activated. Now at this time, it is.

Guinea transits 

You can see Jupiter on the Ascendant, Pluto opposing on the Descendant both square to Uranus at the Midheaven. The Midheaven is under fire by the ruler of the 8th house of death, Uranus (Aquarius on the cusp). All the angles of this chart will be activated once Mars gets to the IC towards the end of the month. Neptune the planet of illness is moving in the 8th, opposing destructive Pluto and inconjunct to the Guinea Sun. Neptune in also making a trine to the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, almost exacerbating the situation as the energy can move very easily here, again we have the potential for almost unlimited spreading and infection. Saturn is opposing the Guinea Moon representing the population, so loss and mourning may hit the people now. Just the look of the chart and the amount of stressful aspects shows that the stresses and strains that this African country and it’s people must be under.

I think of this potential crisis in much bigger and wider terms because of the impending Cardinal Cross as things will begin and be given impetus under it, and in the article that I wrote I also mentioned that this formation could send events spinning out of control. The suddenness of this outbreak as well as infectious and dangerous nature of Ebola worries me, because of the timing of it coinciding with one of the most disturbing planetary formations that we have seen in a long time.

We have seen the threat of Aids and bird flu and the panic that spread across the world in recent years, and the Ebola virus according to the Astrology charts (if the one I have is correct) seems ready to undergo a transformation itself. In my eyes, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the threat of an epidemic lies here waiting to happen. Now in the Western World I am sure that the precautions and medical facilities we have could contain this disease if it were to appear, but in Africa and in other poorer areas of the globe, many dangers would exist if it were to spread exponentially.

This is one story to very much keep an eye on, as it may get potentially much more serious in the weeks to come… 

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