Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Saturn conjunct Agena - Serving the people's needs


This aspect is in force now as Agena sits at 24:00 degrees Scorpio. Saturn will get close to an exact conjunction before turning retrograde on 2nd March although they will stay in contact until 22nd March. Saturn will return to make a second conjunction in October later this year.

As you may know if you follow my blog, Agena is a star that sits in the constellation of Centaurus, the Centaur. The Greeks saw this star as representative of the tale of the two Centaurs, Chiron and Pholos. The story goes that Hercules who, after drinking too much wine, accidentally wounded Chiron thinking that he was under attack from them. Chiron was the immortal to the two Centaurs and so this injury condemned him to a life of pain and suffering. As Pholos was pulling out Hercules’ arrow from the foot of Chiron, he grazed himself with the tip of the arrow also causing a mortal wound. Pholos was able to die, and Chiron gave away his immortality to Prometheus so that he could die too. This star is thus tied to the idea of healing and the sacrifices you make in order to improve your situation or to encourage growth, either by yourself or collectively.

Now of course the Pluto opposition to Jupiter squared by Uranus which had precipitated the situation in Ukraine - outright power and control (Pluto) opposed by justice and international desires (Jupiter) being affected by a revolution of the masses (Uranus) has been the dominant aspect affecting our world in the past few weeks however Saturn now slowing to a stop and connecting with Agena is now coming along to correct the vacuum of power in that country. This connection brings the need for a common goal and an understanding of what is needed by the people combined with the sacrifices that Chiron in the story above depicts. There is a sense here of bringing together all the resources you have to make something lasting and potentially strong and out of it a leader of substance may emerge.

Saturn is the planet of administration and the formation in embattled Ukraine of a unity government is a perfect example of this conjunction and the healing properties that it can perform. In this sense you may have to collate what you have to curb the potential excesses and reckless behaviour that you may have been subject to under the very volatile skies above us. The next three or so weeks may also be a time of trying to be a bit more sensible. As Robson wrote many years ago about this conjunction about this conjunction it is time to be "shrewd and thoughtful" and to use the healing powers on offer to us.

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