Friday, 21 March 2014

Neptune conjunct Mercury - Open your mind

fairy tales

Today and into tomorrow, Mercury comes and makes an exact conjunction with the planet of mystery, Neptune. This pair really opens out our thought patterns and expands our minds. Intuition and imagination will be very strong and if you are a sensitive type, you may be able to feel what is going to happen before it does. I have met a few people with Mercury conjunct to Neptune in their natal chart and often it does contribute an ability to have totally incredible dreams, as if you are an actor in a real life movie. If you have this combination in your own chart, please let me know if you experience this phenomenon too.

Now Neptune has a darker more sinister side and we may fall foul of con artists, tricksters and those who deliberately want to deceive us. You would be wise to be careful over the next couple of days in exactly what you agree to. Working out fact from fiction, what is real from what is not could be very problematic. All fairy tales have a sinister bad guy, a wicked witch who is evil and horrid and that's Neptune completely summed up, it will take you on a ride of good versus evil, the promise of a beautiful dream tinged with the reality that things are not going to be all that easy after all.

This though is a lovely little aspect highlighting all wonderful ways of enjoying yourself. This combination highlights music and dance, fantasies, theatre, TV and films and creative writing, indeed all kinds of entertainment based on anything that can inspire you. This will be a great weekend for going to a gig, seeing a concert or a film at the cinema. Go out and enjoy...

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