Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are having a baby.

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Hearty congratulations I think are in order to Ukrainian born actress Mila and to her fiancé Ashton Kutcher as well, who announced late yesterday that they are going to become parents. This is an exciting time for both of them as they recently announced their engagement and now a baby is on the way.

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Mila is a wholehearted and probably at this moment very proud Leo (born 14/08/83 - Kiev @ 17.00 hrs according to Astrotheme). Her 5th house of children is ruled by Taurus and thus Venus and this planet was being currently opposed by the mystical and rather wonderful Mercury Neptune conjunction as the news (Mercury) came out. Both Mercury and Neptune are making multiple aspects to the other planets on her chart, squares to Uranus and Jupiter which rules her ascendant (via Sagittarius) and thus her chart, lovely trines to her natal Scorpio Moon ruling her 8thhouse of change (via Cancer), quindeciles to her natal Sun and a square to Chiron in the 6thhouse of routine and health. This announcement will affect her everyday routine quite considerably from now on.

The transiting North Node is now sitting on her natal Saturn and often this brings a reward of good news or responsibilities to come, this also her natal Mars sitting in her 8th house of permanent change. Transiting Uranus, the planets of shocks opposes her Midheaven, so was this planned or just a pleasant surprise?? Finally transiting Saturn is now square to her Leo Sun and this is an aspect asking us to face new circumstances placed upon us. I am sure that this is a new challenge that she will gratefully accept.

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Ashton is a Sun Aquarian (7/02/78 @ 12.30 in Cedar Rapids - Astrotheme) who has transiting Venus sitting bang on his Sun Moon conjunction and approaching his Midheaven. Venus's sign Libra sits intercepted in his own 5th house of children thus there is a lovely connection to the joys of fatherhood that await him. Transiting Mars is moving in this house too making reciprocal trines to his Sun, Moon, Midheaven and natal Venus as well as his 1st house so there is great news all round here for him. It also makes a trine to Jupiter ruling his 7th house of marriage (via Sagittarius) and so it is no surprise that notice of the engagement came as Mars was making this aspect. 

Transiting Saturn is square to his natal Sun, Moon Midheaven and Venus too showing more responsibility coming his way in becoming a father and it’s position moving in the 6th house suggests that there is a lot of everyday work, mundane stuff and domestic duties that he will have to take charge of once Mila gets to the later stage of pregnancy. He is currently experiencing a Pluto square from his 8th house to his 5th, so matters of sharing and a complete transformation in his life in his attitude to children will be coming his way.

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