Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Looking at the Astrology of the Washington State Mudslide


This is a really awful tragedy that occurred on Saturday in the community of Oso in Washington State, USA, on Saturday 23rd March at close to 11.00am according to local reports. At I write there are 24 confirmed dead and it is thought that 176 people still remain missing, although local officials are not sure about actual numbers. Rescue teams are in the area looking to see if anyone in the community survived the disaster.

OsoMudslide 23032014

The chart for this incident is pretty simple. Jupiter sits bang on the Ascendant opposed by Pluto on the Descendant squared by shocking Uranus in the 10th house. This was an unexpected, dreadful and destructive disaster on a very large scale. The mudslide as I understand it was up to 1 mile wide and nobody in it's path stood a chance.

Also you will see Chiron the wounded healer conjunct to the Midheaven suggesting a very public wound. Neptune and Mercury in conjunction were also conjunct to the Midheaven at the time of the accident causing confusion, cutting communications and making transport impossible in the region. You will also notice that Mercury on this chart was ruling the 4th house of the land (Virgo on cusp) and the earth and of endings and the 12th house of suffering (Gemini on cusp). Transiting Saturn was making a square to Venus, the planet more than any other connected to the earth and to nature moving in Aquarius in the 8th house of change and death, a house that Saturn via Capricorn was ruling at that time. 

With regard to fixed stars, retrograde Mars was 0.01 degrees from an exact conjunction to the star Arcturus, in the constellation of the hunter and gatherer, Bootes. This is a star connected to farming and the countryside as well as one of making progression and leading the way. Mars at that time was all but unaspected too, allowing it to act in a more unusual manner than normal?

It is interesting to note that the last too disasters to hit the world, MH370 and this one have happened at the time of exact connections to fixed stars (Neptune was conjunct Deneb Adige in Cygnus). I will be continuing to monitor things to see if this is a trend that continues.

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