Thursday, 20 March 2014

Aries Ingress chart 20th March 2014 for the United States


Following my look at Russia and the Crimea, I look now at the ingress of the Sun into Aries heralding the new Astrological year in the USA. Here is the Ingress Chart set for Washington DC that sets the scene for the next 3 months.

AriesIngress2014 USA

Alright we have the same picture as with the UK but orientated completely differently. We have the Sun and Uranus in the 10th house of administration and I suspect that President Obama will have to plough his own furrow in the next 3 months as he follows his own agenda, in opposition to the rest of the congress, here is the President seen as a bit of a rebel. Mars in the 4th house shows that the opposition to the administration will be in an aggressive and combative mood, this position shows an active attitude to using and making money from the resources of the land, thus agriculture should thrive.

Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th opposed to Pluto sitting on the Descendant indicates to me that the US will be working very much behind the scenes to assist and help in international disputes, as is the way that Obama likes to do things. Not much lies on the surface and this appears to the US public as if he is doing nothing at all. Pluto on an angle opposing to Jupiter square to Uranus does suggest a destructive event of note in the next 3 months will occur and will reverberate around the world. Sirius the brightest star in the sky nicknamed the scorcher sits on the Ascendant close to Jupiter, so will this be an event connected to fire or burning?

Mercury and Neptune sit in the 9th house and this position shows weak communication and drift in foreign relations. Matters or scandals related to the church and the clergy may come to light or a debate over religious practices, and this may be prompted by a planned meeting between Obama and Pope Francis at the end of this month.

Pluto lies just in the 6th house of the unions, the everyday workers, matters of health and welfare and the military services and we may see a shake up in these areas of US life, or them given more power and control.
Saturn and the Moon sit conjunct in the 5th house of sports, entertainment and children and there may be government focus on these areas of life or loss and tragedy may occur at sports events, maybe somebody prominent in entertainment will pass away causing public mourning or will the fate of a child or children capture the attention of the US population? Finally Venus, a fortunate influence sits in the 8th house of corporations, banks and big business, so expect the US to forge ahead, the currency to do well and the stock markets to post gains.

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