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Oxfam – The Astrology of the world’s premiere charity

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Oxfam were thrust into the headlines today as actress Scarlett Johansson broke off an ambassador role withe charity because of a disagreement between the two. Scarlett also represents the company SodaStream which is based in Israel and has a production plant in the West Bank. Oxfam as a company does not support trade from companies based in disputed settlements, and as such on a point of principle the two have parted from their relationship. This made me think about when Oxfam was created and how the Astrology of their natal chart would look.

Oxfam natal

I really had to search around to find out when Oxfam as an organisation were born, however I stumbled on a picture of a plaque on a wall that gave me the exact details I was looking for. Oxfam (the Oxford committee for Famine Relief) was formed after a meeting in the Old Library of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin in Oxford, England on 5th October 1942. Their initial aim was to raise money for the people of Greece caught up in a famine caused by the Nazi occupation of that country however the remit to react to famine, poverty and inequality around the world. Oxfam opened their charity shops initially here in the UK but the group spread quickly on a global scale, however the organisation’s headquarters is still based in the city of Oxford, the town where it was born.

The horoscope is intriguing and very reflective of the mood that must have persevered that day, as 5 planets sit in the sign of Libra, the sign of relating, of balance, justice and equality. Bridging the gap between the haves and the have nots in the world would have been a theme of the time, especially with war was raging around the world in 1942 causing suffering and distress. The meeting held saw the Sun in an an almost exact conjunction with Mars, seeing and acting for fairness would have been very strong and determined strong on this day. Making a trine to Saturn in Gemini, there was much ambition that wanted to be realised. There is very much an element of teaching and educating with this placement, as is getting across a serious message, those creating Oxfam wanted to makes us aware of the suffering in the world and to tell us that we could do something positive to make a difference.

Mercury retrograde in Libra  insists on fairness, is a position that is great at negotiation, has business sensibilities and is detached enough to see all sides of a situation so that a correct decision can be made. This Mercury because it is retrograde does not shout from the rooftops but works carefully and quietly in the background, just as a charity would. It does have a global vision though through the square to expansive Jupiter in the sign of the family Cancer. Jupiter in Cancer is generous to a fault to those you care about and after all Oxfam is an organisation that is based around protection of the weak and vulnerable and of the giving of international aid. This square is the only one on the chart so here is the main thrust and motivation that keeps Oxfam going.

The compassion on this day was enormous with a beautifully caring Venus Neptune conjunction in Libra making a trine to Uranus. You could not ask for more compassion and idealism encapsulated in any aspect. Neptune conjunct Venus shows a link between money, personal possessions, fairness and suffering and the trine to Uranus shows a really detached kindness being contributed. The trine between Neptune Venus and Uranus shows independent freedom to give in order to assist and to help groups in society who are in need or require help.

The final two planets that I have yet to look at, the Moon and Pluto sit in Leo in a wide conjunction. The Moon in Leo is warm and very giving and Pluto in conjunction brings huge emotion and drive and a link to big business and finance. This wide conjunction connects the two conjunctions of Uranus and Saturn, progressive ambition to administrate kindness and a change in the way society operates as well as the driving force of the Sun Mars conjunction. The position of Pluto and the Moon in proud fixed Leo midway between these two conjunctions suggests to me underground dealings with very powerful and maybe brutal leaders and situations. There is huge emotion, determination and diplomatic skill here to get the compassion and kindness to cut through red tape so that aid can get to people who matter. If that means making deals behind closed doors with unsavoury people then that is what has to be done, the Sun and Mars in Libra will fight for what is right and just.

Oxfam has done so much good over the years to aid those afflicted by poverty, famine and war and in tribute to their work I include a link to their main website where you can learn what they are currently focused on and you can if you so choose contribute and donate to the wonderful work that they continue to do.

Link to Oxfam Worldwide Website

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