Thursday, 30 January 2014

New Moon in Aquarius – A shift in consciousness


Sometimes I wait a little before I write these posts just to feel what is going on before I start to put my thoughts down onto the word processor and with this new Moon I believed it was the best thing to do just to “catch the moment”. Do you feel a shift of consciousness right now, as if things really have to change? Maybe life will get more uncertain, yet maybe the unease you have been feeling is not what you need and now you need to settle things down a little? This new Moon, a super Moon at that and one which will appear much bigger than normal in the night’s sky comes at a moment of a switch in emphasis of the movement of the planets above us all.


This is a new Moon occurring at 10:55 degrees Aquarius timed for 21:38 hrs tonight GMT. Aquarius a fixed sign but one that likes and wants to be different, it is the sign of the water barer but actually it is an air sign. Yes Aquarius is a contradiction in terms, it’s not what you think it is, and anyone born under this wonderfully kind and thoughtful sign like it that way. Try to pin an Aquarian down and force them to do your bidding without a logical and thought out explanation and you will fail miserably. Here we have logic combined with inspiration, science and a need for innovation, stubbornness and compassion rolled all into one. This new Moon incorporates all these wonderful influences and it’s ruling planet Uranus is centre to everything on the chart above, being sextile to the new Moon and at the point of a powerful t-square. New Moons are the starting point of a cycle of life, they are beginnings, vistas of what can be, they herald the formation of ideas and plans, and in Aquarius and affected by Uranus the urge to do something different is very strong. Yes everyone, it’s now time for us to go in a new direction.

Following the lead of all this are the inner planets all of which are either slowing down, stopping or getting ready to switch the direction of their movement. Mercury still in Aquarius is grinding to a halt before turning retrograde on the 6th February, Mars likewise is starting to slow before it turns next month as well and Venus is at the end of it’s retrograde period and late tomorrow it starts to move direct after 6 weeks of retrograde motion. I see this new Moon as the beginning of a process of change for our everyday lives. The outer planets control the larger themes that affect us all but the inner planets control our day to day routines and occurrences, our work, what we say and how we communicate, the journeys we make, meetings we have, how we use our money, who we love and how we relate to them. Here is where you will begin feel the change as the rules shift and this is the moment is where we start to turn things around.

Venus going direct will affect our relationships and our finances, vital everyday things that are central to how we exist. These have been under a review period and I dare say that you will have been working out what works and what doesn’t in these areas of your life in the last month and a half. As Venus turns to move direct, it’s time to begin the enactment of a different strategy in your relationships and in how you deal with your finances fuelled by the inspiration of the Aquarian new Moon. Slowly as Venus picks up speed in the next month so will your desire to update and renew.

Venus turns in conjunction with the planet of transformation Pluto. These two planets get close (around 1 degree of separation) but don’t make an exact meeting yet the influence on Venus in this final part of the review process will be significant, especially as this conjunction is opposed by expansive Jupiter in caring Cancer and squared by unusual Uranus in go ahead Aries. Everything associated with Venus and Pluto will intensified and amplified now, from love and sex and relations with loved ones to design and beauty, money owed, taxes, inheritance as well as the the mysteries of life itself. Triggered by the change in direction, how we as a globe of nation states and the peoples of the world relate to each other will start to shift now, indeed new alliances and relationships may form and others may disintegrate through the knowledge we acquired in the past 6 weeks. In the same manner debates on how we deal with our finances and debts will start, new initiatives will be encouraged, different ideas will emerge. You may not see all the debates and actions going on though as Pluto is the planet of secrecy, so much of the changes started under this new Moon will be under the radar until such time as they need to be revealed.

One other aspect that is just starting to form and one that will accelerate this change process yet more is a quindecile between Mars and Uranus. As Mars is slowing up before going retrograde, this aspect will be in orb for an unusually long time, until the 22nd March. Mars is the planet of action and Uranus is revolution and change and while we have the initiative in this New Moon to get things started, this aspect will ensure that that the energy to move things along will continue well into next month. As Mars turns retrograde in March, tensions may well really build up as the normal Martian energy will not be able to released in the manner that it normally is. If we can’t get our own way, we may react violently and unexpectedly to make sure that we can. More of this aspect as we get into it in the next month.

I think that from today we can dare to be different, and the new Moon today really signals a desire to take the bull by the horns and to look for new ways of doing the everyday things that we hold dear to our hearts. My advice to you if you are feeling frustrated is to take the energy on offer today and to use it productively. The chance to expand, to start up new initiatives and to take a clear step forward is within our grasp and the shift in consciousness today plants down a marker that we should be aware of. If you want to run your race in 2014, the starting line is now in clear view.

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