Monday, 6 January 2014

Jupiter conjunct Sirius - Feeling better and more optimistic, for now...


This connection is now active and lasts through until 22nd January 2014. It occurs at 14:17 degrees Cancer.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky apart from our own Sun of course. Sitting in the constellation of large dog, Canis Major, Sirius is often known as the shining one or the scorcher. This star has always had a reputation for being associated with linking humble personal action which suddenly propels one into the spotlight for a brief moment of time. It is also connected to selfless actions taken in doing something sacred and worthy or in making a sacrifice for the betterment of people around you.

Jupiter is a very expansionist, beneficial and international influence and the combination of this bright star and the largest planet in the solar system will bring a ray of optimism which is much needed in these difficult times. Under this connection you can possibly achieve much more that you think is possible, especially if you are putting yourself out for other people and doing something out of the kindness of your own heart. This is a lovely couple of weeks at the start of this year which can bring some inspiration, creative impetus and an increased desire for physical activity and exploration. This is a favourable time for business and commerce in general and if you are involved in any kind of work or project that involves travel, faith/beliefs, publishing or legal work then you will likely do very well.

In the world this connection lands on the Greek Ascendant so maybe this is a time when the Greek economy will get some good news, mind you saying that the expansionist and reckless attitudes of the past will have been responsible for much of the waste and problems that this country suffered. The same can much be said of the United States in regard to spending and using resources way beyond it's means. This star is not called the scorcher for nothing, remember Greece got burnt big time and the US may feel the same way in the months to come as their financial woes finally come home to roost.

However for the moment, the US Sibly chart (4th July 1776) now receives this conjunction on the US natal Sun, so watch out for an optimistic mood in the White House, in the administration and in the country as a whole, especially as the people show willing and good spirit to help each other out to recover after the appalling weather and storms in the recent week.

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  1. Can I ask a question that has been bothering me for some time.
    Is it true that we have control over our destinies or is it true that our fate is pre ordained?
    I mean, is life what we make of it or is life written in stone so no matter what we think and do we follow a set path?
    How do experts feel about this?
    Thanks if you can offer advice

    1. I personally don't know what others think but from own my point of view, yes you have complete control for the parts of your life where you have to make the decisions. The planets and aspects set the path that we go down, they point the way and the opportunities and obstacles that lie in our path, but we can choose to accept or reject them, turn left or right, stop or go etc etc There is a goal we aiming for shown by the North Node, that shows the lessons that our soul needs to learn in order to fulfil our destinies in this life. There is fate that sometimes lends a helping hand too.

      Ultimately though, life is your journey to go through as you see fit. Enjoy it...



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