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Will 2014 be the year that the financial bubble bursts in the United States?


I was asked by one of my followers on my Facebook page what Uranus turning direct would hold for the US. In answering this question posed to me I had a look back into history and found an astrological trend that is due to continue in the year 2014, one that the general public, politicians, financial officials and indeed those in the highest offices of power in the United States might not want to hear, but one that they should take heed of and prepare for.

USStolteChart feb714

Now I use the Stolte chart (15th Nov 1777, 12.46 York, PA) whenever I look at the United States and I noticed that Uranus is hovering on the cusp of the 2nd house of the US money and financial dealings and possessions, the cusp is at 9:31 Aries. Now Uranus has already dipped it's toes into the second in the recent past already but it properly enters the 2nd at the end of this year. As it does it squares the US Nodal Axis and also starts to square the US Mars at 12 degrees Capricorn which rules the 2nd house (Aries on the cusp).

It is worth having a look back at the last two occasions Uranus was in this position on the Stolte chart to get the feeling for what may occur now. In 1846, just after Uranus moved into the 2nd, there was the US Mexico war which lasted 2 years over the state of Texas, an area of land that both nations claimed as their own. Transiting Pluto was making a trine to the US natal 7th house Jupiter, highlighting expansion and relations with open enemies. The next time Uranus approached the cusp of the 2nd and then entered was in 1929, just before the great depression. Transiting Pluto moving in Cancer was then just about to square to the US natal Chiron, resident in the US 2nd house of finance and possessions and thus a great monetary crisis occurred. There is an integral link between these two periods of time, shocking and unstable happenings over money and possessions - it's just basic Mundane Astrology.

Now, Uranus is back in this position for the 3rd time in US history. Where is Pluto this time? Sitting in Capricorn on the US South Node and heading for the US Mars, the ruler of the 2nd house. With transiting Saturn due in February to conjunct and station on the US Sun at 23 Scorpio square to the US Ascendant and natal Jupiter, I feel the threat of a financial crisis of gigantic proportions coming on. The next debt ceiling deadline in on 7th February 2014 and everything I see is tying in towards huge problems looming on the horizon. The thing is, Uranus is going to be in that US 2nd house until the year 2022 and will hit Chiron at 20 Aries as soon as the summer of 2015, a time when another wound in the financial history of the US will be fully exposed. All in all, there are 9 years of potential instability, shocks and radical change in the way that the US handles it's finances that are due to come, just in the same manner as the US suffered in the 30's after the great crash of 1929.

UnitedKingdom transits

If you doubt the theory in all this, then here is a look at the UK and the current situation in the country where I live. In Britain we have suffered hugely because of the debts we accrued, living standards have dropped appreciably and we have suffered a lot of pain in the last few years. The troubles started soon in 2009 as transiting Pluto in Capricorn crucially ruling the UK 2nd house of money and finances (via Scorpio) initially made a square with Uranus, the planet of instability, then a square with the UK ascendant (with Uranus opposing) and then moved onwards to oppose the UK Midheaven and to make a conjunction with the UK natal Sun. Four hits in a row that rocked the UK to it’s core. At the same time, transiting Neptune the planet of deception and the one which dissolves all in it’s path moved gently onto natal Pluto at 2 degrees Pisces in the 5th house of speculation and following on from that, transiting Saturn moved into that UK second house of money and finances to bring austerity in order to clean up the mess.

The UK crisis was caused by the casino (5th house) like operations of many of the banks (Pluto) which had been lending badly and living on imaginary (Neptune) debt (Pluto). The government had to bail out the banks to stop a full scale collapse of the UK economy and thus a huge debt mountain was born very rapidly, one we are still paying back for the next few years.  Pluto is now thankfully moving off the UK Capricorn Sun (10:10 degrees Capricorn) and we ourselves are starting to feel green shoots of recovery,  however our debts are nowhere near the size of the ones that the US have accrued, and I personally think that our American cousins are sleepwalking into a financial abyss. A $22 trillion debt is no laughing matter and in the United States those in power they should take heed now, as the same 2nd house that I have been looking at so closely is being activated by Pluto and Uranus again in the coming months. In Astrological terms, they have been warned.

One thing is for sure and I have felt this for years now, Pluto and Uranus are going to hold judgement over the US and it's financial husbandry, if the Astrological history I have recounted is to be respected. Whether you use the US Stolte chart or any of the US charts set for 4th July 1776, I believe that these two outer planets are going to cause the US a lot of pain and enforced change as they hit 12/13 degrees of Aries and Capricorn.

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