Monday, 2 December 2013

New Moon in Sagittarius - Going on a journey of trial and error.


There’s a new Moon in Sag tonight - exact at 00:28 hrs in London. New Moons in Sagittarius are about knowledge, wisdom and learning through one's mistakes. Yes Sagittarius is a wonderfully outgoing sign that is very unafraid of taking action then thinking later so anything started now will eventually bare fruit, but it may be a tortuous journey of experimentation, trial and error. It's fun while you are trying out new things though, so enjoy the energy of a new cycle that is being started off now.


This new Moon makes a trine to Uranus and this is a link that is very go ahead and exciting, especially if you planning to launch any internet based, technical or even Astrological projects. This is definitely a time for being your own person or doing your own thing, and taking a different path from everyone else.Saturn is building a nice water trine with Jupiter right now and through this month, a stable aspect that will keep everything in check and make sure that you don't get overly enthusiastic and complacent. I love this one as it allows controlled expansion in anything that you are doing, making or preparing. That restraint is going to be needed as Venus makes a very easy going but excessive opposition to Jupiter, an aspect that can very much get out of hand, especially when it comes to spending and accumulating things that you want.

Mars and Venus are also closing in a gorgeously romantic trine, but this is an aspect that will never be completed and consummated as Venus is in the shadow zone before if goes retro in mid-month. It's sort of sad that the planets of love never get to get together this time around. Think of the scenario, boy (Mars) sees girl (Venus), girl likes boy very much and they go out for a few dates, but then girl has to stay where she is in Capricorn as Mars marches off into Libra as Venus is not allowed to move into Aquarius to follow him. I wonder if any potential relationships will never get off the ground in the same manner?

One slight note of caution is necessary about the square between Mercury and Neptune that is forming as well at the time of this new Moon. This influence is inspirational and intuitive, but liable to deception and deceit and one may get caught up in the moment only to find that while you think everything fine and wonderful, actually you are being taken for a ride or being conned. Keep your wits about you, especially on the 5th and 6th December just after this new Moon occurs.

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