Friday, 27 December 2013

Neptune conjunct Fomalhaut - Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

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This long term connection is now active and will extend through until 23rd February. It occurs at 04:03 degrees Pisces.

This is a very subtle but also intriguing conjunction that is returning again, it occurred previously last year between 23rd March and 3rd May and also between 12th June and 1st October as Neptune moved retrograde over it, so this is the 3rd and final pass.

The star Formalhaut sits in Piscis Australis, the constellation of the Southern fish. This is one of the Royal Persian stars, the watcher of the South and a star that has a really mystical and magical sense about it. This is a star of charisma and anyone who has a connection to this star must try to keep their feet firmly on the ground, otherwise they can become a fall from excessive pride, over optimism or just sheer arrogance. This is a deceptive influence, one of high idealism and sometimes of unfulfilled promise and dreams.

Neptune when it connects with this star heightens the already dreamy and mystical quality that it already has, and it heightens to possibility for self-deceptive and maybe rash behaviour in the pursuit of something completely unobtainable. Yes we can find inspiration through this magical connection, however unless our feet are firmly rooted on terra-firma we can drift of with our ideas, take foolish chances and worse still believe all the hype that surrounds us. What we think is real maybe but a pipe dream, a figment of our imagination. Being a Royal Persian star, this is an understated and powerful influence that can creep up on us without us noticing and dissolve and destroy all that we have been working towards. In the world around us many plans and grand schemes may be shelved because of lack of foresight and I have a feeling that the shady world of espionage and the issues of hidden secrets may rear it's ugly head again. One other thing, look out for dramas on water due to mistakes or complacency or incidents connected to gasses and other noxious substances.

Be careful what you believe in the next month and a half, and if you are going to commit yourself to a course of action make sure that everything is set in stone and you know exactly what you expect to get out of the deal. Rushing into something with your eyes wide shut and with your hopes high, believing that you will succeed without putting the work in or boasting about how well you are going to do before anything substantial has been achieved may end up in total and complete disaster...

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